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Reasons to visit Halong Bay in Winter

Last updated on
January 10, 2019

The colder season often reminds of a gloomy vibe that thinking about the concept has already been dismal. It is truly freezing in temperate and frigid zones, yet for a tropical country like Vietnam, the Winter is not so bad in the North. Indeed, it is a unique time…


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What is Halong Bay weather like in February

Last updated on
April 6, 2019

You are planning a visit to Halong Bay in February. You don’t know if it is a good time to be in Halong Bay. Keep reading for our detailed weather forecast of Halong Bay in February as well as travel tips.

February is late winter and early spring in Vietnam in general, so the weather is getting warmer. In the daylight, it is very comfortable with light sunshine. During the night, temperature decreases making it a bit colder.



The average temperature is around 180C which is quite pleasant for tourist from the area with the temperate climate. The highest temperature can reach 210C during the sunny day while at night it can fall to around 120C. It gets warmer toward the end of the month.

Sunshine hours

You can expect to have 5 hours per day when the sunshine over the bay in February. The sunlight is not as harsh as in the summer but soft and very comfortable. The kind of weather is favourable for many outdoor activities. Check out the other best months to visit.
However, there is a high chance of being cloudy which is 78%.

Sea temperature 

The average sea temperature is 19.30C which is not too cold if you want to swim.


The average rainfall in February for the country is 22mm, Halong Bay usually witnesses less rain. The figure is around 16.7 mm falling over an average of 10 days in the month.


The average humidity is 81% during the month. This is not the most humid month in Halong Bay. In fact, it doesn’t affect your outdoor activities, and you will feel better when you are out on the bay.

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Tips for travelling Halong Bay in February

Halong Bay February weather is pleasant with light sunshine and less rain. This is also one of the peak month of the tourism season here. So take the chance to discover the World Heritage Site with some insider’s tips as follows:

  • In the day it can be warm but the temperature drops during the night. Remember to bring a light jacket.
  • It is still in high season so make sure to have all your hotels, cruise and transportation booked in advance. The cruise rate can be higher during this period so with early booking you are likely to get a discount or at least a better price.
  • Seafood is famous for its freshness and high quality in Halong. Seafood hotpot is a good option for dinner. In addition, squid cake is the most well-known speciality of Halong. You should not miss the chance to taste some when in Halong.
tips for travel to halong bay february
  • The best way to discover Halong bay is cruising. There are special “Tet Cruise” which is designed to bring you quintessence of Vietnam. You will get to live in the Vietnamese festive spirit. There are numerous Halong Bay tours are operated during this special season for you to decide.
  • February is a crucial time in Vietnam. It is the time for Tet Holiday or Lunar New Year – the biggest celebration of Vietnamese people. This year, Lunar New Year comes by 15th of February 2018. Every street and house is decorated with flower and cherry blossom to welcome the New Year. You will have the chance to experience a Vietnamese traditional New Year which is much different from what you have back home.


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Halong Bay weather in December, is it worth visiting?

Last updated on
November 12, 2019
Winter starts from December, but weather is generally mild, with average low and high temperatures of 13 °C (55 °F) and 20°C (68 °F) for Halong Bay, and damp with occasional showers.


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Halong bay weather in June – What will the weather be like ?

Last updated on
April 6, 2019

Summer has truly arrived here in Halong Bay. June witness the highest temperature throughout the year with an average of 29oC. The weather is much more pleasant on the bay.

Halong Bay weather in June is perfect for you to enjoy the beach and swimming.

The Sunshine will stay for 8 hours a day and water temperature is around 27oC which allow you to stay active in the water comfortably for the extended period.

The following cute infographic is a basic weather index for Halong Bay in June.


You also can check out more about Halong Bay Weather of other months.

June Weather is good for traveling Halong Bay

You will see Halong bay at her finest under the sun which allows a clear view of the bay with emerald water, magnificent karst tower, and crystal clear blue sky.

8 hours of sunshine give you more time to explore Halong bay and therefore a less tight schedule.

All ships must arrive sleeping point before it’s dark. It is not safe to cruise when the sun is out.

Summer is suitable for various outdoor activities which are a big plus for your Halong bay cruise.

couple kayak in halong bay

The average temperature of seawater is 27oC, perfect for swimming and kayaking.

Another point that makes June is a good time to travel Halong is deal and promotion. 

In fact, this time is low season for tourism so many cruise operators offer deals and discounts.

Check out Bhaya Cruises’ special deals for 2 days 1-night Cruises & 3 days 2 nights Cruises!

June is good but not the best time to visit Halong due to some unexpected storm.

So be prepared and take some handy tips!

Tips for Cruising Halong Bay in June

Halong bay weather in June is pleasant and full of sunshine. Make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Bring sunglasses and sunscreen. Sun can be harsh during June, you won’t want a sunburnt
  • Be careful with jellyfish. Most of the jellyfish in Halong is harmless except fire jellyfish. Even though the chance you encounter one is very rare, you should be ready. Take proper treatment can ease the pain.
  • Check the weather forecast regularly
  • Follow instruction from your tour guide when kayaking. Don’t go into any cave without guidance. Water current changes in an unpredictable way which prevents you from getting out or worst, capsize your kayak and throw you back into.


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Weather in Halong Bay: Storm in the summer

Last updated on
November 22, 2018

A cruise in Halong Bay with Bhaya Cruises can be done anytime during the year. The weather can vary a lot in Halong Bay, depending on the month you select for your cruise. You can check more detail about weather and temperatures of Halong each month here. Indeed, during some months,…

September feature photo


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Halong Bay Weather in September: Weighing the pros and cons

Last updated on
April 6, 2019

The best months to visit Halong Bay are from October to December but what if you only have free for travel in September and are worried about whether the weather is favorable?

The following article will provide you with all the necessary information to help you decide on your…



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What makes October the perfect weather to visit Halong Bay?

Last updated on
October 1, 2019

October of Halong

Halong Bay is very hot from April to September but cools from October to March.  

It is difficult to define what the best month is to visit this natural wonder because this totally depends on the preference of each visitor.

For example, many avoid rainy months for fear of frequent downpours and tour cancellation due to bad weather but others love the quiet atmosphere of this low season.

No matter what season you prefer, October is no doubt one of the best months for visitors thanks to its amicable weather which is, overall, neither too hot or too cold.

Here are 5 things you need to know when planning a Halong Bay tour in October:

1. The weather is very pleasant

Generally, September is still very hot but rather wet (though not as blazingly hot as summer months) while November brings along chilly winds and crowds of visitors.

October stays in the middle as you can still feel the warmth of summer but without lots of daily downpours.

october weather

The average temperature during October is 25 C degree with the highest of around 28 C degree and the lowest of 21 C degree at night.

As a result, this cool weather is ideal for those who feel uncomfortable with the summer’s heat in Vietnam. Since this month is not really prone to heavy rains, the risk of tour cancellation is low compared to the previous 3 months.

Near the end of the month, there can be some chilly days but you still do not need to pack heavy sweaters with you; just light summer clothing and a light jacket will be enough. In case you spend a lot of time outside, bring some sunscreen with you.

There are about 6 hours of nice sunshine each day and the average humidity level is 72%, which are quite the same as in September. It rains about 11 days this month but also does not each long each time.

2. The sea water is perfect for swimming

If you love swimming, October is a great time to do so with the average sea temperature of about 27 C degree. It is totally fine to swim for hours without worrying that it is too hot outside.

From November, it starts to get cold for swimming.

Swimming in the calm, emerald green water will be a very refreshing experience for you so do not miss it. Let your body flow on the water, feel the smooth-white sand and watch the golden sunshine above to chase away your worries of daily life.   

3. There are a lot of outdoor and sea-based activities to do explore

kayak in halon bay

With moderate temperature and light, cool breezes, visitors can take part in various outdoor activities without worrying about sweating too much.

Now that the chances of frequent downpour ease remarkably, visitors can freely explore each and every corner of islands, caves, and grottoes in Halong Bay.  

Try riding around the island on a rented bike to see the daily life of local people and watch over the island from different angles along the way.

For adventurous visitors, activities like hiking and kayaking are the right fit for you.

One small tip when it comes to kayaking: do not worry that this is for the professionals only. In fact, this activity is designed for everyone and even amateurs can quickly grasp the basics after about 30 minutes.

The amicable weather of October is ideal for booking a cruise to explore the island.

Better yet, the romantic light breeze at night will accompany you when you witness sunset and sunrise on the cruiser’s deck.

It is wonderful to watch the water turn from emerald to grey-blue and then to crimson with the last rays of the sun, signalling the night come.

At that instant, suddenly the bay becomes one color only before being coated in the moon’s silver light. Sunrise brings about hopes of a new beginning with a brand new day.

It is such an amazing experience that you should not miss!

4. Halong is still not very crowded at this time of the year

October signals the end of the low season in Halong Bay. Even though the number of local visitors is not high, there is an increasing influx of international visitors.

However, the place is still quite peaceful. Even though you may not get large discounts or promotion programs like in July to September, services are good when there are not too many customers to serve.

5. The scenery is breathtaking

Last but not least, it is the stunning scenery of Halong Bay in autumn. Just take a boat or cruise trip around the bay during the autumn day and find yourself get lost in the thin vase of mist and the light sea breeze.

Halong is truly heavenly during autumn and the view from a seaplane can leave you breathless.

October is not in the peak travel season to Halong but it offers the most pleasant weather of the year for visitors. So if you have some free time this month and still wonder if it is a good time for traveling, do not hesitate anymore: just pack your bag and let Halong welcome you with its charm.

Take a look at what Halong Bay overnight cruise offers from Bhaya Cruise for your October Trip!


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Halong Bay in November: 5 frequently asked questions

Last updated on
April 6, 2019

Choosing the right time for a trip is very important, especially when you travel to a foreign country. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of a typhoon or arrive at your desired place when it is too foggy to take any picture.

It is the same concern for many foreign tourists coming to Halong Bay, one of the most famous travel destinations in Vietnam. This little article will help answer the 5 most frequently asked questions by visitors who are wondering if  November is the right time to visit this wonderful place:

Is November the good time to visit Halong Bay?

This is actually a tricky question to answer because it depends on each visitor’s preference. Overall, there are 3 factors you should consider when choosing the right month to visit Halong:

The weather: Halong has four distinctive seasons and offers different angles of its charming landscape during each season. Weather of Halong Bay during November is very pleasant, not hot as in summer but you will have fewer sunlight for outdoor activities. 

Money: If you travel on a tight budget, booking cruise in November will cost you more since the peak season starts.

– Travel purpose: besides sightseeing, do you want to explore other activities in Halong? How long do you intend to stay in Halong? Will you try swimming and other sea-based activities?

Or do you have any specific festival to attend in mind? Is this a solo trip or do you go with your friend/significant other? Also, ask yourself if you prefer a quiet trip to ease your mind or do the crowed atmosphere not bother you at all?

Read on to find out if visiting Halong Bay in November is the right pick for you.

What is the weather like in November?

Coming to Halong Bay in November, you can say goodbye to autumn and welcome the start of winter – also the dry season.

Here are some basic indicators you may want to know:

november weather

    • Average temperature: 22 C degree (highest: 26, lowest: 18)
    • Average sea temperature: around 26 C degree
    • Rainfall: around 33mm (which is fairly low)
  • Average hours of daily sunshine: 5

Overall, the weather in November is quite cool and comfortable. It is more pleasant than the hot summer wave and not too dry as the average humidity level is 79%.

If you love to swim, you should consider visiting Halong Bay in early November when the autumn breeze is not completely replaced by a chilly wind. Plus, it can be a little bit foggy and even cloudy during late November.

Is Halong very crowded during November?

During winter months in general, the volume of local tourist is quite low. However, November to Jan is actually the peak travel season due to the increased influx of foreign tourists.

October is probably a better choice if you wish to enjoy the calm atmosphere of Halong Bay. Service prices are quite as high as in summer months.

What type of clothing should be packed?

clothes for halong trip

Winter clothing is not yet required but make sure you have at least a jacket, a cardigan or a scarf to keep yourself warm on a chilly day. There can still be some rainy days so a travel umbrella is recommended.

The sea temperature in November is generally suitable for swimming; you can bring your swimsuit but it is probably your last chance before winter steps in. Do not forget some sunscreen because the sun still comes out strongly during the day.

What types of activities are suitable for November

  • Swimming

With cool weather, there is no need to worry about heat stroke. You can swim for hours in the bay’s clear blue water. Keep your eyes on the temperature of last November days to make sure that the sea temperature does not drop remarkably all of a sudden.

  • Cruising

Though the sky of Halong in November is not as clear as in summer months, the weather and scenery this month are actually quite romantic. There is nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of coffee and watching the thin veil of fog around you disappear to give way to morning dew.  

  • Other sea-based activities like snorkeling,  and kayaking

November is a perfect time for sea-based activities because you do not have to worry about sweating too much. These activities are designed with amateurs in mind so do not worry if you have no previous experience. The safety of tourists is ensured at high level. Do not miss the change to explore Halong’s charm on its calm and peaceful water surface during November.

  • Hiking

The hike to the top of the mountain takes around 3 hours and the higher you get, the more it seems like rock climbing. However, you will be rewarded with the breathtaking view of Halong from the top. The weather in November is good for hiking but make sure you stay out on rainy days for safety reasons.

  • Squid fishing

What is better than drinking some beer and enjoy the hot pot made with freshly caught squids? Especially if the squids are caught by nobody else but you?  Night squid fishing is a very popular activity in Halong, especially during winter months where you can get the biggest catch. Let’s not miss the fun!

Now that you know what Halong is like during November, do you think it is the perfect month for your trip? 


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Halong Bay Weather In May, Is it worth to visit?

Last updated on
April 10, 2019

Tourists often do research in advance to make sure they pick the right month to visit a foreign location. Because Halong – a site of Natural World Heritage – is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Vietnam, it is normal when you see many tourists posting questions about the weather in this place.

One question that has not been properly answered is during which month, the weather is better to visit Halong, April or May?

Many people think that it is May because the sea temperature is better for swimming and diving. Take a look at the following article to find the information you need to make your decision.

halong bay view

1. In terms of weather

It would be a lot easier to compare the weather of two months in two different seasons. For example, you can easily tell the difference between May and October.  However, because the weather patterns in April and May are quite the same, even the slightest difference matters when you make your decision.

  • Average temperature

While April is more like a transitional month from spring to autumn, May marks the starts of the summer and brings along with its higher average temperature of around 27.5 C degree.

The highest temperature can reach 31 C degree but do not worry too much because the heat in May is largely endurable compared to other summer months.

Besides such indispensable items like shorts and flip-flops, you will need to pack some sunscreen.

  • Sunshine

The number of sunlight increases from 4 hours per day to 7-8 hours per day with lengthened daytime over a month.

Do not forget your camera at home or miss opportunities to photograph the splendid rock formations or blue sky of Halong Bay during this month of the year.

  • Rainfall

With infrequent rain, April is considered a dry month of the year in Halong while it is slightly likely to experience summer storms in May.

There are about 14 days of rain in May with an average rainfall of 192mm. The average humidity level is 75%.

  • Sea temperature

The average sea temperature in May is 27 C degree, about 3 C degree higher than in April, make it more suitable for swimming and diving activities.

Bring your swimsuit and enjoy a peaceful time in the emerald green water. Some recommended swimming locations in Halong are Ti Top Beach and Tuan Chau Beach.

2. In terms of tourist turnout

Compared to April, you will be more likely to get better deals because many travel agencies run special summer promotions from the beginning of May. It is the start of the low season in Halong.

The biggest event in May is the Halong Carnival Festival – depending on each year, this event can be held by the end of April and early of May.

You can learn a lot about Vietnamese culture and take part in various exciting activities to promote tourism during this festival.

The International Labor Day on May 1st is another rare holiday for local tourists.  Other than that, May is a great month for you to explore Ha Long without worrying about tourism.

3. Recommended activities

The weather in April and May are all suitable for water-based activities and adventures so there is essentially no difference here.

You can take part in popular activities like hiking, canoeing, visiting caves, swimming, and squid fishing. Take note that May is warmer so you may sweat more but the sea temperature makes diving a better choice.

To witness the wonderful underwater world of Halong, you will need useful equipment like snorkel, mask, exposure suit, etc. You can either bring your own stuff or rent on the spot.

Cruising is always a good choice; it is up to you to choose among various cruise packages. A package of 3 days and 2 nights normally includes extra activities like squid fishing, visiting floating villages, and bike riding.

With not so many differences between April and May, which one do you prefer? If you do not mind the summer heat, both of these months are suitable for your visit.

In case you love to take part in the carnival festival, choose the month in which this event is held. In general, October is probably the best month in terms of weather but April and May rank close behind it.

Considering all the factors like weather, tourist turnout, events, prices, these months may even offer better travel experience than other months in the peak season.

With authentic festivals, clear sky and no risk of the typhoon, extreme weather, or hike in prices during April or May, why do you still hesitate?

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Top 4 reasons to visit Halong Bay in April

Last updated on
April 6, 2019

When considering the suitable time to book a tour to Halong Bay, which is considered the jewel in the crown of the Vietnam tourism industry thanks to its magnificent landscape, which factors do you consider?

For the most comfortable weather, autumn months are most likely your choice.

One of them is April, which is often overlooked as it is the transitional month of spring to summer and is an off-peak month. However, Halong Bay weather in April is very ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Let’s take a look at several reasons why you should also consider visiting Halong in April:

1. The weather is comfortable

If you wish to avoid the extreme heat of summer, the chilling cold of winter or high risks of typhoons during the autumn months, April is one of the best options.

In April, the weather is neither too cold nor hot as the winter is already over and summer is only on its way. The average temperature is around 23 C degree with the highest temperature of 28 C degree and the lowest temperature of 20 C degree.

Visitors can expect about 4 hours of sunlight per day and lengthened daylight time during this month of the year. The sky is so clear and blue that it is very easy to take great pictures.

Compared to March, the humidity level and average rainfall increase to 75% and 79mm, respectively; however the weather is still quite comfortable, especially for outdoor activities.  

The sea temperature gets warmer at 24 C degree so it is fine for swimming. There are probably some infrequent strong winds but overall that that does not lead to tour cancellation and April is still considered a great time to visit this charming beauty.

2. It is not the peak season

When you visit Halong, it is best to avoid the weeks where the following events take place: Hung Kings Temple Festival (a traditional festival held annually from the 8th to the 11th day of the third month – according to the lunar calendar) and Reunification Day (held annually on April 30th).


On such days, the number of local tourists may increase to take advantage of official holidays. Of course, that may lead to crowds and a price increase for certain services.

Other than these dates, it is highly possible that you can enjoy quality time during your solo trip because local people are busy with working and exam preparation.

Generally speaking, April is not the peak travel season in Halong Bay.

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3. There are many great outdoor activities to experience

  • Squid fishing

For those who like fishing and may want to try their luck in catching some fresh squids, April is a suitable time for this activity.

If you are only able to get small squids, do not be surprised before April only marks the start of early squid fishing season.

The best time to catch big squids normally falls on winter months but it is always fun to try fishing and enjoy your freshly caught squids no matter how big or small they are, right?

  • Water-based activities

Besides swimming, it is highly suggested that you experience cruising, canoeing and kayaking activities in Halong during April.

Such activities offer great opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Halong in an up-close manner. There are signature destinations you should surely visit like Sung Sot and Titov Caves.  

A shortstop for about 1-2 hour at floating villages will help you understand a very important part of Halong’s rich culture.

Take note that if you love diving, it is best to book a trip to Halong during May-November. The weather during these months is more idea for diving activities than in April.

  • Hiking and mountain climbing adventures

Without sweating too much in the heat, you can take on an outdoor adventure on the mountains of Halong Bay to enjoy the breathtaking view from the top.

There are many sport climbing routes for you to choose from.

Also, if you are interested in nature conservation, the Cat Ba National Park near Ha Long Bay is also recommended for your stay in Vietnam.  

  • Sightseeing from the seaplane

It is such a divine experience to enjoy the panorama of Halong Bay from a seaplane.

The clear blue sky of Halong during April provides a wonderful backdrop for you to see each and every corner of the place.

This deluxe service will cost you quite a sum but it is definitely worth every penny, especially for photo hunters.

What are you still waiting for? Let’s pack your bag and say goodbye to spring with a trip to Halong during this month of the year – you will not regret the amazing experience in this place.