Clean The Bay 2024
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Collaborative Efforts Continue to Preserve the Beauty of Ha Long Bay

Last updated on
May 10, 2024

Ha Long, May 6th, 2024 – Amidst the stunning backdrop of Ha Long Bay, a coalition of tour operators, students, and environmental organizations came together for the highly successful seventh edition of the “Clean the Bay” initiative. Spearheaded by Bhaya Cruises and esteemed partners, the event, held on May 6th, emphasized a renewed focus on imparting zero-waste principles to industry stakeholders, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices in the tourism sector.

Organized by Bhaya Cruises and supported by a variety of industry leaders, including major destination management companies as well as sustainable NGOs, the initiative aimed to address the pollution and garbage situation in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Photo before trash collection of one of the three locations of the activity

Since its launch in 2017, the “Clean the Bay” initiative has evolved into an annual cleanup event, generating heightened community awareness and achieving significant advancements. Each year, more than 1.7 kilometers of coastline are cleaned up, demonstrating the community’s dedication to maintaining the area’s natural beauty. Prior to embarking on this cleanup endeavor, representatives from participating organizations gathered for an informative session on board The Au Co cruise, a flagship product of Bhaya Cruises, delving into the nuances of waste management, strategies to reduce litter, and the imperative of fostering a sustainable tourism ethos.

The positive outcomes of these collective endeavors were evident during the most recent cleanup event that took place on May 6th, attracting the participation of over 100 volunteers hailing from across the country. Guided by seasoned experts and armed with a common dedication to environmental preservation, volunteers embarked on a mission to rid the coastline of Halong Bay of litter and debris, ultimately collecting more than 250 kilograms of trash, 800 pieces of polystyrene, 490 pieces of plastic waste, and 220 pieces of various garbage kinds.

Collected trash data for Clean the Bay 2024

Beyond the tangible results, the cleanup event acted as a catalyst for community engagement and empowerment, inspiring a new generation of environmental stewards to take the lead and promote conservation. With plans already underway to create collective ‘Clean the Bay’ funding contributed by travel agents and their passengers to maintain the daily cleanup efforts, momentum continues to build as Bhaya Cruises and stakeholders reaffirm their commitment to protecting the natural heritage of Halong Bay for generations to come.

Ms. Eileen Cameron, representing Wide Eyed Tour, expressed her enthusiasm upon receiving the invitation from Bhaya Cruises. “There was a lot of rubbish in Halong Bay when I first visited in 2015, but I’ve noticed improvements since then. Although the amount of waste collected today may be small compared to the overall extent in the bay, we hope that after this event, all participants will feel a sense of responsibility to promote the importance of maintaining a clean environment, thus spreading the message to others”.

Besides cleaning up the beaches, volunteers also collected floating trash

As the sun sets over the tranquil waters of Halong Bay, a sense of optimism prevails, fueled by the collective determination of a community united in its resolve to safeguard this natural wonder. Through collaboration, education, and unwavering dedication, the journey towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future for Halong Bay is already in progress, guided by the shared aspiration of a world where nature thrives and communities prosper in perfect harmony with their surroundings.