Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

Bhaya Cruise has been consistent in implementing many environmental and community responsible activities since its first launch in 2007. These activities are designed to maintain the clean and beautiful bay environment as it is, now and in the future, and bring benefits to the local community and encourage them to preserve their own unique culture.

A series of projects, activities for the environment and nature conservation have been carried out continuously by Bhaya Cruises for many years to develop sustainable tourism.

Cat Ba Langur Conservation Campaign

'Cat Ba Langur Conservation Campaign'

The project "Save The Langur" - Cat Ba Langur Conservation was initiated to call for support and help to preserve the lives of langurs on Cat Ba Island - one of the rare primates, named in the list of the world's most endangered animals. The promotional and fundraising campaigns of Bhaya Cruises for this project will help raise awareness and funds to protect this endangered langur. The first step of the campaign is selling toys and fridge magnets in the shape of Cat Ba Langur and 100% of the profits will go directly to the project.

Bhaya Cruise Zero Single Use Plastic

Zero Single Use Plastic

Bhaya has been implementing activities to minimize plastic waste and ocean waste including replacing plastic straws with paper straws, using cloth towels instead of paper towels, minimizing the use of plastic bags in preserving food, selling and serving glass water bottles, installing free water stations for passengers, creating Christmas trees from recycled materials, etc. In 2019, Bhaya Cruises has joined the international campaign “Refill My Bottle” by replacing all plastic water bottles by reusable ones. All Bhaya ships and cruise center are equipped with free water stations and passengers can drink water or refill their bottles. Passengers can also use bamboo or aluminum water bottles available in the cabins on board to use during their journey with Bhaya Cruises.

Action for Green Ha Long

Action for Green Ha Long

Bhaya is one of the important partners of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to organize the annual "Action for Green Ha Long" campaign to remove waste around the bay and maintain the quality of the tourist destinations that can help generate significant jobs and revenue for the region, as well as promoting sustainable business development.

Bhaya Community Farm

Cooperating with Viet Hai villagers and Cat Ba Island authorities to build Bhaya farm and eco-tourism area in order to create a highlight in the tourist itinerary to visit Cat Ba Island and support the livelihood development of local people. Bhaya passengers can also enjoy organic vegetables and fruits that Viet Hai farmers produce following the organic production recommended by Bhaya.