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Bhaya Cruises Officially Collaborate with Refill My Bottle

Last updated on
May 7, 2020

Started in October 2019, Bhaya Cruises have officially joined RefillMyBottle’s network. Passengers cruising with Bhaya fleet can now drink free water and use Bhaya water bottles to get their refill conveniently.

Bhaya Cruises Partnering With RefillMyBottle

After studying the RefillMyBottle’s mission, Bhaya Cruises have realized the organization doing a wonderful job at locating free drinking water stations and eliminating single-use plastic bottles for those who are often on the go.

To access the free water distributed by the organization, users can download the free mobile app. The app provides a RefillMyBottle map to allow the users to easily see nearby locations where they can refill their water bottles for free or minimum fee. Any water station with a RefillMyBottle sticker in the window of shop, cafe, gallery, etc. means the business has participated in the meaningful program.


With a similar vision in leaning towards no-single use plastic, Bhaya Cruises have acquired 20 water stations in total: 01 at Bhaya Cruise Center and 19 on all of our 17 cruises, in which 02 water stations on each The Au Co vessel. Bhaya hope the determination is clearly shown in action and to be the role model of sustainable tourism in Halong Bay.


Bhaya Water Bottles – An Environment-Friendly Solution

Shortly after the collaboration with RefillMyBottle, Bhaya have offered aluminum and bamboo water bottles for all passengers to use during their cruise time. The aluminum bottles will be used on all Bhaya Classic and Bhaya Premium cruises while the bamboo ones will be applied on all The Au Co and Bhaya Legend cruises. These bottles can contain up to 500ml of drinking water and will reduce at least 3-4 million single-use plastic bottles for the environment of Halong Bay, which has been more polluted these days.


All our passengers can now reach out to clean drinking water anytime when they traveling with Bhaya, either at the cruise center while waiting for departure or during their cruise time.

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