Bhaya Cruises taking action against Coronavirus

Last updated on
May 5, 2020

It is quite unfortunate that Coronavirus is spreading across Asia, which has been affecting tourism in this region including Vietnam. Recently, Vietnam has announced that no visa will be granted for Chinese citizenship to Vietnam and many Vietnamese airlines stop flying to China including Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, etc.

Bhaya Cruises, as one of the key cruise operators in Ha Long, is aware of this and would like to thank tourists who do not cancel their trip to Ha Long with Bhaya. During this time, we are pleased to offer a complimentary glass of wine during dinner to all any guest who is traveling in February and March 2020.

Apart from this, we would like to ensure that our guests are kept safe away from this epidemic. We have taken action to prevent the virus as follows:

1) Spray all boats and Cruise Center with Chloramin-25% which is water chemical to remove and prevent the virus.
2) Body temperature checkpoint is set up at Cruise Center and any guest who has a high temperature that is likely to get affected will not allow cruising. We will contact the medical center to take immediate action.
3) Hand Sanitizer is given to guests upon boarding and at restaurant.
4) We will not serve fresh vegetables so the menu will be replaced by cooked vegetables at this period.

The above actions have already been executed both at our Cruise Center and on all boats as per enclosed photos.

Body Temperature Checkpoint
Clean with Hand Sanitizer
Bhaya’s actions to prevent Coronavirus

We do hope that this virus will be stopped and cured soon so that everything can be back to normal.

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