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Halong Bay Port Of Call 2019, 2020, & 2021

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April 25, 2019

You are on a sea adventure to explore the world which takes you to the legendary bay of Halong. So why don’t you take advantage of this spare time to discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site, a masterpiece sculptured by Mother Nature.
Our dedicated team is experienced in serving passengers from famous and reputed cruises like Silversea Cruises, Windstar Cruises, etc.
As the pioneer in overnight Halong Bay cruise as well as the largest cruise operator in the Bay, It is Bhaya Group’s honor to be your host.

Our signature cruise

Bhaya Group offers two cruise lines with distinctive feature and style to match your needs.

Bhaya Legend Private Cruise

The exclusive itinerary and charter service set Bhaya Legend Private Cruise apart from any other cruises in Halong Bay, making it the best choice for your excursion in this World Heritage Site. With the capacity of 2 to 10 passengers, the boat and the whole crew on board is reserved especially for you. This allows a maximum flexibility in your cruise schedule and eliminates any waiting time there might be in between. A private butler to guarantee guests utmost comfort and stress-free vacation.

Halong bay port of call 2018

As a boutique-style vessel, inspired by traditional Vietnamese junk, Bhaya Legend Private Cruise was made of traditional materials like local wood, bamboo, ceramics… The interior design with elegant oriental carvings and dedicate, handmade decor details deliver a hint of mystic Far East charm. For the overnight stay, you can book your cruise directly via our official website at https://www.legendhalong.comFor day-cruise or special request, please contact us via email at 

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Bhaya Classic Cruise

The boat is constructed in a classic style with a touch of quintessential Vietnamese spirit while incorporating modern facilities for passenger comfort. Each boat features 15 to 20 cabins which are the ideal size to accommodate a group of passengers but at the same time secure privacy and personal space. Bhaya Classic Cruise provides you with two option of 2 days 1 night and 3-day 2-night cruise which takes you to discover the hidden limestones and traditional floating village etc.Halong bay port of call 2018

Please be noticed that Bhaya Classic Cruise run a fixed schedule that starts at around 12h30 a.m. Therefore, you might need to consider the disembark time from your ocean cruise ship. Our staff will assist you in matching the schedule and reducing wait time if there is any. For the overnight stay, you can book your cruise directly via our official website at

For day-cruise or special request, please contact us via email at 

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The Au Co Cruise 

The Au Co Luxury Cruise is the first and the unique cruise that brought an exclusive continuous three-day journey encompassing the breadth of the world-renowned Halong Bay, as well as less-crowded destinations of the neighboring Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay and beyond. Unlike more common three-day two-night cruises which use transfer boats, guests will remain on the same Au Co for the entire trip to have the best Halong Bay experience. 

With a capacity of 32 cabins, the Au Co is a powerhouse that can carry a large group of passengers who would like to discover the inner beauty of Halong Bay. Graceful and sophisticated in every detail, The Au Co Luxury Cruise promises to offer our passengers the true sense of Vietnamese culture and beyond. This is reflected in every subtle detail of interior design, the decoration, onboard activities, delicate menu and the exclusive destinations designed on the route. 

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Your Permit to Enter the Mainland

All foreigners are required to attain visas to enter the mainland of Vietnam. However, if you are a passport holder of one of these countries, you will only need to get the Certificate of Visa Exemption. There are 02 ways to legally entered Vietnam mainland:

(1): if you directly apply for the permit, please contact Bhaya Cruises so we can advise you steps to complete the documents upon your arrival at Halong Bay.

(2): if you apply via your the cruise bringing you to Halong Bay, it will be less complicated as you might have all the documents needed in hands. We also highly recommend you to work with your cruise operator if having the intention of traveling Halong Bay thoroughly.

Your Registration Status

When you leave your cruise ship, you need to register with the local authority for permission to stay in Halong Bay. A: if you are already registered, get prepared to embark Bhaya Cruise, B: In case you are not registered, Bhaya team will help you to do the paperwork. You just need to provide us with your information (passport number, your cruise ship info, etc). We will discuss the details when you book the cruise with us.

Pick-up Points

There are four places where you will get off the cruise ship and where Bhaya Cruise will pick you up.

Van Hai Port: Bai Chay Ward, Halong City. The port is located just opposite to Wyndham Legend Halong, 4 minutes driving from the port to Bai Chay Bridge.

Cai Lan Port: Highway no.18, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City. The port is expanding to be one of the largest port in Vietnam.

Vinashin Port: No.6A, Le Thanh Tong Street, Hong Gai Ward, Halong City

Halong International Cruise Port: No.9 Halong Road, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City  

Transfer Options

From the two ports mentioned above, Bhaya Group is able to pick you up both by roadway and waterway. 

By road

Our shuttle bus will approach the port and pick you up at the entrance. It takes around 30 minutes from Van Hai Port to Bhaya Group Cruise Centre. The distance is the same from Cai Lan Port and Hon Gai International Port. Located further to the east, It is 19.5 km from the Vinashin Port to Bhaya Group Cruise Centre.

*Note: there is an extra charge for the shuttle bus service Halong bay port of call 2018 Halong bay port of call 2018In case some passengers have time and interest in visiting Hanoi. We can offer either a shuttle bus or private car for your convenience. Please note that this transfer might be included or excluded depending on how you booked the cruise.

By waterway 

If the weather and location allow, Our boat will sail to where your cruise ship dock and pick you up directly. Otherwise, our tender boat will transfer you to Bhaya Group Cruise Center.

*Note: Transfer by waterway is free of charge but it is possible for only guests departing from Vinashin Port.

Port/Transfer Option

Roadway (Chargeable)

Waterway (Free of Charge)

Cai Lan Port


Van Hai Port



Vinashin Port



Halong International Cruise Port



List of Cruises visiting in Halong Bay in 2019:

Cruise LineShipDateArrive-Depart
Hapag Lloydms Europa 230-Dec-1813:30-18:00
SilverseaSilver Shadow1-Jan-1914:00-24:00
SeabournSeabourn Ovation3-Jan-1907:00-20:00
SilverseaSilver Shadow7-Jan-1908:00-24:00
SeabournSeabourn Ovation31-Jan-1907:00-20:00
SilverseaSilver Shadow8-Jan-1900:00-13:00
Holland Americams Westerdam11-Jan-1906:00-19:00
AIDA CruisesAIDAvita21-Jan-1908:00-20:00
Holland Americams Westerdam29-Jan-1907:00-24:00
Windstar CruisesStar Legend29-Jan-1908:00-24:00
Holland Americams Westerdam30-Jan-1900:00-17:00
Windstar CruisesStar Legend30-Jan-1900:00-13:00
SeabournSeabourn Ovation31-Jan-1907:00-20:00
SilverseaSilver Shadow3-Feb-1907:00-18:00
Windstar CruisesStar Legend11-Feb-1900:00-13:00
Dream CruisesWorld Dream13-Feb-1910:00-20:00
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Millennium22-Feb-1908:30-17:30
Hapag Lloydms Europa26-Feb-1914:00 – —
SeabournSeabourn Ovation28-Feb-1907:00-20:00
SeabournSeabourn Ovation4-Mar-1908:00-20:00
AIDA CruisesAIDAvita4-Mar-1908:00-20:00
SilverseaSilver Shadow5-Mar-1912:00-20:00
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Millennium12-Mar-1912:00-22:00
Hapag Lloydms Europa30-Mar-1913:00-18:00
Norwegian CruisesNorwegian Jewel15-Apr-1909:00-20:00
Viking CruisesViking Orion17-Apr-19
Royal CaribbeanVoyager of the Seas5-Sep-1907:00-18:00
Princess CruisesSun Princess28-Sep-1907:00-18:00
Azamara CruisesAzamara Quest18-Oct-19
Princess CruisesDiamond Princess22-Oct-19
SilverseaSilver Muse7-Nov-1908:00-14:00
Holland Americams Westerdam11-Nov-1908:00-23:00
SilverseaSilver Spirit18-Dec-1914:00-20:00
Holland Americams Westerdam5-Dec-1908:00-23:00
SilverseaSilver Spirit18-Dec-1914:00-20:00
Holland Americams Westerdam23-Dec-1908:00-23:00
Mein SchiffMein Schiff 623-Dec-1907:00-20:00
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Millennium31-Dec-1912:00-22:00

List of Cruises visiting in Halong Bay in 2020:

Cruise LineShipDateArrive-Depart
SeabournSeabourn Ovation2-Jan-2007:00-20:00
AIDA CruisesAIDAvita4-Jan-2008:00-20:00
SeabournSeabourn Ovation6-Jan-2008:00-21:00
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Millennium7-Jan-2007:00-13:00
SilverseaSilver Spirit15-Jan-2014:00-20:00
Norwegian CruisesNorwegian Jade22-Jan-2009:00-20:00
Princess CruisesDiamond Princess28-Jan-2008:00-18:00
Holland Americams Westerdam29-Jan-2007:00-23:00
SeabournSeabourn Ovation30-Jan-2007:00-20:00
Norwegian CruisesNorwegian Jade1-Feb-2006:00-17:00
Crystal CruisesCrystal Symphony11-Feb-2013:00-18:00
AIDA CruisesAIDAvita15-Feb-2008:00-20:00
Norwegian CruisesNorwegian Jade15-Feb-2009:00-20:00
Crystal CruisesCrystal Symphony17-Feb-2007:00-14:00
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Millennium18-Feb-2007:00-13:00
SilverseaSilver Spirit18-Feb-2008:00-13:00
SeabournSeabourn Ovation27-Feb-2007:00-20:00
Mein SchiffMein Schiff 69-Mar-2007:00-20:00
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Millennium10-Mar-2012:00-22:00
Crystal CruisesCrystal Symphony13-Mar-2013:00-19:00
Oceania CruisesOceania Nautica15-Mar-2011:00-19:00
Regent Seven Seas CruisesSeven Seas Voyager20-Mar-2007:00-17:00
Cruise & Maritime VoyagesCMV Columbus25-Mar-2007:00-23:00
CunardQueen Elizabeth29-Mar-20
Hapag Lloydms Europa21-Apr-2012:00-18:00
Viking CruisesViking Orion27-Apr-20
Hapag Lloydms Europa19-May-2008:00-14:00
Oceania CruisesOceania Insignia20-May-2011:00-18:00
Viking CruisesViking Orion1-Oct-20
Princess CruisesDiamond Princess8-Oct-2010:00-20:00
Viking CruisesViking Orion16-Oct-20
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Eclipse21-Oct-2007:00-13:00
Celebrity Millennium25-Nov-2007:00-13:00
Crystal CruisesCrystal Symphony19-Dec-2013:00-20:00
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Millennium23-Dec-2007:00-13:00

List of Cruises visiting in Halong Bay in 2021:

Cruise LineShipDateArrive-Depart
Hapag Lloydms Europa1-Jan-2113:00-18:00
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Millennium13-Jan-2113:00-22:00
Crystal CruisesCrystal Symphony7-Feb-2113:00-20:00
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Millennium10-Feb-2113:00-22:00
Regent Seven Seas CruisesSeven Seas Explorer11-Mar-2107:00-16:00
Phoenix ReisenAmadea27-Mar-2107:00-20:00
Crystal CruisesCrystal Serenity31-Mar-2118:00-22:00
Viking CruisesViking Orion10-Apr-21


For an updated calendar, please check here.