Halong Bay Weather In May, Is it worth to visit?

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April 10, 2019

Tourists often do research in advance to make sure they pick the right month to visit a foreign location. Because Halong – a site of Natural World Heritage – is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Vietnam, it is normal when you see many tourists posting questions about the weather in this place.

One question that has not been properly answered is during which month, the weather is better to visit Halong, April or May?

Many people think that it is May because the sea temperature is better for swimming and diving. Take a look at the following article to find the information you need to make your decision.

halong bay view

1. In terms of weather

It would be a lot easier to compare the weather of two months in two different seasons. For example, you can easily tell the difference between May and October.  However, because the weather patterns in April and May are quite the same, even the slightest difference matters when you make your decision.

  • Average temperature

While April is more like a transitional month from spring to autumn, May marks the starts of the summer and brings along with its higher average temperature of around 27.5 C degree.

The highest temperature can reach 31 C degree but do not worry too much because the heat in May is largely endurable compared to other summer months.

Besides such indispensable items like shorts and flip-flops, you will need to pack some sunscreen.

  • Sunshine

The number of sunlight increases from 4 hours per day to 7-8 hours per day with lengthened daytime over a month.

Do not forget your camera at home or miss opportunities to photograph the splendid rock formations or blue sky of Halong Bay during this month of the year.

  • Rainfall

With infrequent rain, April is considered a dry month of the year in Halong while it is slightly likely to experience summer storms in May.

There are about 14 days of rain in May with an average rainfall of 192mm. The average humidity level is 75%.

  • Sea temperature

The average sea temperature in May is 27 C degree, about 3 C degree higher than in April, make it more suitable for swimming and diving activities.

Bring your swimsuit and enjoy a peaceful time in the emerald green water. Some recommended swimming locations in Halong are Ti Top Beach and Tuan Chau Beach.

2. In terms of tourist turnout

Compared to April, you will be more likely to get better deals because many travel agencies run special summer promotions from the beginning of May. It is the start of the low season in Halong.

The biggest event in May is the Halong Carnival Festival – depending on each year, this event can be held by the end of April and early of May.

You can learn a lot about Vietnamese culture and take part in various exciting activities to promote tourism during this festival.

The International Labor Day on May 1st is another rare holiday for local tourists.  Other than that, May is a great month for you to explore Ha Long without worrying about tourism.

3. Recommended activities

The weather in April and May are all suitable for water-based activities and adventures so there is essentially no difference here.

You can take part in popular activities like hiking, canoeing, visiting caves, swimming, and squid fishing. Take note that May is warmer so you may sweat more but the sea temperature makes diving a better choice.

To witness the wonderful underwater world of Halong, you will need useful equipment like snorkel, mask, exposure suit, etc. You can either bring your own stuff or rent on the spot.

Cruising is always a good choice; it is up to you to choose among various cruise packages. A package of 3 days and 2 nights normally includes extra activities like squid fishing, visiting floating villages, and bike riding.

With not so many differences between April and May, which one do you prefer? If you do not mind the summer heat, both of these months are suitable for your visit.

In case you love to take part in the carnival festival, choose the month in which this event is held. In general, October is probably the best month in terms of weather but April and May rank close behind it.

Considering all the factors like weather, tourist turnout, events, prices, these months may even offer better travel experience than other months in the peak season.

With authentic festivals, clear sky and no risk of the typhoon, extreme weather, or hike in prices during April or May, why do you still hesitate?

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