Ha Long Bay Weather: Pros & Cons of Cruising in Winter Months (Dec-Jan-Feb)

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December 16, 2022

Ha Long Bay is a wonderful destination for a relaxing overnight cruise experience. As with any destination, there are certain factors that may affect your decision to visit Ha Long during specific months. In this article, you will learn if winter months are the best time to visit Ha Long.

It turns out that the greatest period to visit Ha Long Bay is from December to February when the weather is dry and sunny. During these months, the temperature is warm during the day and cools down at night. The average high in the area is about 83°F (27°C), while the low average ranges between 65°F (18°C) and 70°F (21°C).

Once winter ends, temperatures climb rapidly until March or April, which means that the shoreline can no longer be enjoyed in its natural state. Boat tours during these months are booked out weeks or even months in advance.


– The weather is nice and stable.

– You can easily enjoy outdoor activities without sweating too much.


– You’ll have less daylight time to enjoy the surroundings.

– The water can be a bit chilled, which means less time for swimming and kayaking.

Another factor is because in this part of the world it is largely a dry time. The days are warm and the climate is generally pleasant. You don’t have to worry about rain.

In the winter months, Halong Bay offers visitors a quieter experience than other times of the year, a cooler climate, and lower prices for accommodation.

Some people find that winter can be uncomfortably cold but others enjoy the feeling of being cozy indoors instead of sweating in the summertime heat.

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