Halong Bay Weather in April

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March 29, 2024

Pave farewell to the cold and gloomy days of Winter because Spring is on the way to warm up your soul. Nothing could get better than fresh air, blooming flowers, and sunshine. Spring is the beginning of all seasons and an ideal time to begin a new adventure. Before the summer crowds flood in, pack your bags and head to Halong Bay to see one of the world’s most beautiful destinations in the Gulf of Tonkin.

In short:

  • April marks the end of peak season in Halong Bay, therefore it will be less crowded than in March
  • Temperature rises, making the weather to be warmer with higher humidity
  • April is a perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities and water-based excursions without feeling tired because of the heat

Is April a good time to visit Halong Bay?

When planning a vacation, it is important to be fully prepared for the weather on your next trip. Vietnam has different types of weather from North to South, so it’s a good idea to be fully aware of the typical weather of the destination that you should expect along your trip.

There are 4 distinctive seasons in Northern Vietnam: spring, summer, fall, and winter, while the South generally enjoys a subtropical climate because of the country’s influence of monsoons. The arrival of spring in Halong starts in March and reaches its peak in April. Spring brings so much positive energy and a new perspective to the surroundings, especially in Halong Bay.

April is one of the months with the highest amount of daily sunshine, along with May, June, November, and March. Therefore, it is a delightful time of the year to visit Halong Bay. With the sun coming out to play, going on an adventure or simply lying on the beach is the perfect remedy to escape the hustle and bustle of life.


Enjoy the most beautiful moment of Spring before the weather changes significantly in the following months. Each season is unique but spring welcomes tourists with a big warm hug. 

In April, the average temperature warms up to around 23°C with the highest being 28°C based on the record. During April, tourists can expect up to 8hours of daylight and clear blue skies to extend the wonderful days of spring break. Swimming activity is possible for everyone now since the sea temperature rises to around 24°C.

Rainfall & Humidity

Throughout April, the weather is relatively dry but you may encounter some unexpected light rain or drizzle. Rainfall starts to rise in April, especially towards the end of the month. There are around 13 rainy days with the average precipitation to be approximately 57mm. However, it won’t be enough to cause much disruption so do not let this affect your decision to go visit Halong Bay in April. 

Regardless of the comfortable temperature, April has the highest humidity level of the year, around 80%. You may experience muggy days and nights.

Sea Temperature

The cozy temperatures of Spring are perfect for enjoying outdoor recreation, especially taking a dip in serene water. The sea temperature in this month is perfect for water-based activities including swimming, as the average sea temperature in this month rises to 25°C. April is fitted to begin the swimming season in Halong Bay. 

Summary of Halong Bay weather in April

TemperatureAverage: 23°C
Lowest: 20°C
Highest: 28°C
Sunshine hours/day8 hours
Average precipitation57mm
Number of rainy days13
Humidity level80%
Sea temperature25°C

Pros and Cons of traveling to Halong Bay in April


  • The weather is a perfect balance between heat and coldness
  • The Weather allows guests to take part in outdoor activities without getting hot and feeling tired because of the heat
  • The peak season of inbound travel in Halong Bay is March and May starts the peak season of domestic travel and April is in between, so this is the best month in terms of both the weather and overcrowding avoidance
  • There is little likelihood of weather disruption, causing a very low chance of sudden cruise cancellation
  • The Carnival Halong event (held annually from April 30 to May 1) is the biggest festival in Halong. If you like the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you can combine a cruise trip with a mainland stay to experience Halong during the holiday


  • Late April tends to attract more domestic tourists for the long national holiday, so Halong can get too crowded at this time

Tips for traveling to Halong Bay in April

Booking tips:

  • Book in advance is highly recommended to ensure your stay as well as avoid overcrowding and price rise. If you are considering a cruise trip to Halong Bay in April, do not hesitate to let us know and we will be happy to assist you
  • Consider booking a combo of cruise and transfer as this package offers a better price than booking separately

Packing tips:

  • Bring light clothes, such as shorts, t-shirts, dresses,…
  • Bring swimsuits and swimming accessories as well as changes of clothes if you plan on taking water activities such as kayaking or swimming
  • Don’t forget to bring hats, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Light sweaters or windbreakers are recommended in case temperature drops at nights

Halong Bay is renowned for its breathtaking limestone formations and magnificent caves. Opting for a cruise is the ideal option to escape the crowds and fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this World Heritage Site. Choosing to embark on The Au Co cruise, which explores secluded islets, is an excellent decision that allows you to absorb the mesmerizing seascape.

April, with its sunny and warm weather, holds the power to uplift your mood. It is a cherished time of the year to spend quality time with loved ones and escape from the burdens of daily life. Relaxing on the beach and reveling in the sheer beauty of this exotic destination creates the perfect memory for an unforgettable spring break.


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