Halong Bay in November: 5 frequently asked questions

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April 6, 2019

Choosing the right time for a trip is very important, especially when you travel to a foreign country. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of a typhoon or arrive at your desired place when it is too foggy to take any picture.

It is the same concern for many foreign tourists coming to Halong Bay, one of the most famous travel destinations in Vietnam. This little article will help answer the 5 most frequently asked questions by visitors who are wondering if  November is the right time to visit this wonderful place:

Is November the good time to visit Halong Bay?

This is actually a tricky question to answer because it depends on each visitor’s preference. Overall, there are 3 factors you should consider when choosing the right month to visit Halong:

The weather: Halong has four distinctive seasons and offers different angles of its charming landscape during each season. Weather of Halong Bay during November is very pleasant, not hot as in summer but you will have fewer sunlight for outdoor activities. 

Money: If you travel on a tight budget, booking cruise in November will cost you more since the peak season starts.

– Travel purpose: besides sightseeing, do you want to explore other activities in Halong? How long do you intend to stay in Halong? Will you try swimming and other sea-based activities?

Or do you have any specific festival to attend in mind? Is this a solo trip or do you go with your friend/significant other? Also, ask yourself if you prefer a quiet trip to ease your mind or do the crowed atmosphere not bother you at all?

Read on to find out if visiting Halong Bay in November is the right pick for you.

What is the weather like in November?

Coming to Halong Bay in November, you can say goodbye to autumn and welcome the start of winter – also the dry season.

Here are some basic indicators you may want to know:

november weather

    • Average temperature: 22 C degree (highest: 26, lowest: 18)
    • Average sea temperature: around 26 C degree
    • Rainfall: around 33mm (which is fairly low)
  • Average hours of daily sunshine: 5

Overall, the weather in November is quite cool and comfortable. It is more pleasant than the hot summer wave and not too dry as the average humidity level is 79%.

If you love to swim, you should consider visiting Halong Bay in early November when the autumn breeze is not completely replaced by a chilly wind. Plus, it can be a little bit foggy and even cloudy during late November.

Is Halong very crowded during November?

During winter months in general, the volume of local tourist is quite low. However, November to Jan is actually the peak travel season due to the increased influx of foreign tourists.

October is probably a better choice if you wish to enjoy the calm atmosphere of Halong Bay. Service prices are quite as high as in summer months.

What type of clothing should be packed?

clothes for halong trip

Winter clothing is not yet required but make sure you have at least a jacket, a cardigan or a scarf to keep yourself warm on a chilly day. There can still be some rainy days so a travel umbrella is recommended.

The sea temperature in November is generally suitable for swimming; you can bring your swimsuit but it is probably your last chance before winter steps in. Do not forget some sunscreen because the sun still comes out strongly during the day.

What types of activities are suitable for November

  • Swimming

With cool weather, there is no need to worry about heat stroke. You can swim for hours in the bay’s clear blue water. Keep your eyes on the temperature of last November days to make sure that the sea temperature does not drop remarkably all of a sudden.

  • Cruising

Though the sky of Halong in November is not as clear as in summer months, the weather and scenery this month are actually quite romantic. There is nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of coffee and watching the thin veil of fog around you disappear to give way to morning dew.  

  • Other sea-based activities like snorkeling,  and kayaking

November is a perfect time for sea-based activities because you do not have to worry about sweating too much. These activities are designed with amateurs in mind so do not worry if you have no previous experience. The safety of tourists is ensured at high level. Do not miss the change to explore Halong’s charm on its calm and peaceful water surface during November.

  • Hiking

The hike to the top of the mountain takes around 3 hours and the higher you get, the more it seems like rock climbing. However, you will be rewarded with the breathtaking view of Halong from the top. The weather in November is good for hiking but make sure you stay out on rainy days for safety reasons.

  • Squid fishing

What is better than drinking some beer and enjoy the hot pot made with freshly caught squids? Especially if the squids are caught by nobody else but you?  Night squid fishing is a very popular activity in Halong, especially during winter months where you can get the biggest catch. Let’s not miss the fun!

Now that you know what Halong is like during November, do you think it is the perfect month for your trip? 


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