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Reasons to visit Halong Bay in Winter

Last updated on
January 10, 2019

The colder season often reminds of a gloomy vibe that thinking about the concept has already been dismal. It is truly freezing in temperate and frigid zones, yet for a tropical country like Vietnam, the Winter is not so bad in the North. Indeed, it is a unique time of the year to witness Halong scenery moving in a more remarkable way.

Winter is the season which has perfect weather for cruising

The Sun can barely hide amongst the bay’s spectacular panorama. Indeed, January and February bring with seven hours of sunshine each day. In Winter, Halong is covered with new coats instead of emerald one in Spring. Sometimes, it can be baby-blue when the Sun truly wants to light up the day, then it will feel like summer without the heat and humidity. Mostly, the sky colors in alabaster, which reflects on the water and creates such a dreamy scene to indulge yourself in. Even when it is foggy, the eerie atmosphere of Halong Bay seems to bring you back in time to sense all of its legends. The whole landscape appeals to flirt more. Watching mountains and islets summited by the fog, you just want to be lured into the vision forever. A magical scenery it is!


Accounting for the majority of the islets, Halong Bay owns the largest and tallest ones of the whole area. In addition, it is the closest bay to the harbor. Therefore, visitors can easily be sightseeing skyscrapers riddled with deep gashes, smeared markings and other beautiful imperfections designed by Mother Nature within short days.

Dwell in the culture-hub of Halong

The most obvious fact is weather stability during the winter. As affected by the ocean flow, Halong Bay is incredibly unpredictable during the summer as many tropical storms possibly invading at any time. Hence, rainy days might also be a common scene. Yet why Halong Bay still being crowded during this time of the year is due to the traveling high-season for domestic visitors. The Vietnamese love spending time with their beloved in a summer escape from a hustle-bustle city life, and Halong’s happened to be one of the ideal destinations. Therefore, if coming here in the winter, you will see mostly international guests and fewer domestic visitors, and that has made Halong become a more culture-hub for people from all over the world to hang out in this very gem of Vietnam.

The stability of Halong’s winter has expanded into the schedule of cruises. Once the trip is booked, there is no need to worry about being called off. As it is superbly serene, the wind does not interfere in your leisure time at all. It is dry due to the lack of rain. Insects are no longer an issue for those who are sensitive. Sailing is smooth while you will be having more freedom to participate in outdoor activities. A specialty of Halong cannot be missed is the squid. “Squid season” starts in October and last until January or February next year. Squid is attracted by the light so you will see a truly glamorous scene. In the middle of the night, a dozen glowing wooden boats lightened up by countless light bulbs slowly go through the darkness.

Enjoy the festive season – the most cheerful time of the year in Halong Bay

Bhaya Cruises bring different landscapes and beauties as well as experiences in the winter. The wintertime is the fishing season of local fisherman. You can have the opportunity to see the traditional boat and how people here catch fish. It can be a distinctive experience to try a day in the life of a fisherman. While enjoying the sea, you might get chilling. But, imagine getting up in the morning and waiting for the Sun to rise up when sipping a cup of hot chocolate on the porch. Breathe in and breathe out slowly the pure air and fill it up your lungs. There’s this ultimate satisfaction of being alive and be able to see the Nature’s creation. Or the sense of how blessed you are when soaking in a hot tub from a luxury cruise and floating on the World Heritage scenery. That’s the sacredly private moment to feel relaxed and let thoughts appreciate life.

Traveling during this period means your vacation might relate to some holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Holiday means to spend time with your family and what can be better is to blow in fresh air. Staying at home to consume the holidays is a traditional way. And “home” does not necessarily mean to be domestic, but it is to be with your beloved happily. So, instead of rolling like in previous years, switching to a cruise to celebrate the special moments with family might be one of the most unforgettable time of life.

Some tips for your winter cruise

Not much. A light, smart packing will do well for your journey:

–          Warm but water-proof clothes for outside activities

–          Rain boots, hat, umbrella

–          Water-proof camera cover

–          Your favorite board-game

–          And an open mind to enjoy the trip fully!