Halong Bay Weather in July

Last updated on
July 25, 2019

Everybody is looking for a perfect trip for their summer vacation. While planning, the first thing that comes up in your mind must be the weather. You don’t want all the efforts that you put into the trip being ruined by bad weather.

Is it good to visit Halong Bay in July?

Vietnam is a big country with the coastline is 3,260 km long so the weather is varying between the North and the South. Halong Bay is located in a temperate zone with four distinct seasons. Halong’s weather overall is quite stable compared to other places in the Northern region.

From May to October, the North is hot and rainy. Fortunately, July is not the month with the highest chance of raining. Halong Bay still remains sunny throughout the month with light rain or scattered showers. You will be pleased with the cool weather after the rain. July is a good time to enjoy Halong Bay since there is nothing more wonderful than exploring the bay with sunshine and cool water.

Rainfall and temperature

The average rainfall of this month is 150mm and the temperature varies from 29 – 34 degrees Celsius. Due to global warming, Halong’s temperature has sometimes reached 40C and beyond.


The average humidity is around 75%. The weather will be hot and humid most of the day, you might be sweating constantly, but it shouldn’t stop you from having fun. It’s actually convenient to sunbathe and get the luminous tan you’ve always wanted!

Sea temperature

It is usually sunny in the summer, so the water should be perfect for swimming. The seawater temperatures range from 27 to 33 degree Celsius. The water temperature is comfortable to swim in.

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Some of the best beaches for you to enjoy in Halong Bay such as Ho Ba Ham and Ba Trai Dao beach. Ba Trai Dao beach has three small mountain with alluring beach and romantic landscape, however, the beach is swimmable for only 2-3 hours due to the tide rises.

For tourists who love adventure, you can kayak to explore Ho Ba Ham. It has a unique structure with beautiful tunnels that you can sail through. A nice place to enjoy solitude and natural beauty where you can find spectacular stalactites.  

What to pack?

When traveling to Halong Bay, you must fight the temptation to fit everything into one big suitcase.
Bring only the essentials, for example:


What to do in Halong Bay in July?

If your plan is to dedicate this summer time to your lovely family, Bhaya Legend is the one for you. There are activities for the whole family to enjoy together such as kayaking caves and grottos, swimming and exploring the floating village.

To enjoy the longest continuous overnight cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin, The Au Co is the one.

Summer is ideal for sunbathing during the day and the catalyst for sumptuous BBQ dinner on the sundeck when the temperature cooling down in the evening.

With Bhaya Cruises, passengers can sail towards Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, which are less touristy and home of many astonishingly gorgeous beaches and pristine waters.

What can you do when the rain comes?

Don’t let the rain ruin your trip, after all, you can still enjoy other activities to make up for the rainy day.

Here are 5 suggestions to do when it’s raining:

1- Enjoy spa onboard

2-Vietnamese tea ceremony

3-Join the fruit carving demonstration

4-Learn how to make Vietnamese dishes

5-Hang out at the bar

Now you have known more about the weather in Halong Bay, relax and enjoy your vacation!