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Why taking a cruise in Halong Bay should be in your bucket list?

Last updated on
January 10, 2019

If you’re planning for a brief escape from the hustle and bustle Hanoi, Halong Bay is immediately the answer. The best solution is to spend at least a night on a cruise in the Bay to absorb the true charm of Halong. The Bay’s beauty must trigger your interest all year round, and especially when it is the autumn for the Northern region in Vietnam.

Find an option replacing Hanoi, it should be Halong Bay

Vietnam’s northern region is the most romantic during this time of the year, and Hanoi is often the inspiration of many writers and poets. However, the city has recently been more chaotic with its infrastructure development. Therefore, the stillness of Hanoi is sort of fading away through time; only a few corners can still maintain Hanoi’s soul. For foreigners who want to seek the city’s calmness, there is honestly not much left for the discovery. So looking for the autumn’s poetic in other northern locations deems to be a better idea, and Halong Bay appears to be the closest destination away from Hanoi.

With the recent completion of the new highway, the length from Hanoi to Halong is now cut down to fewer than two-hour drive. By joining a cruise to the Bay, you will be able to sense both the water and mountain delight sublimely fused with some autumn’s breeze. It is truly a unique scene around this time of the year.

Taking a night cruise to see Halong Bay from dusk to dawn

But it does not mean Halong is merely worth the visit during Autumn or Winter. Indeed, the Bay welcomes guests nearly all the time. In summer, it is more for domestic visitors as their children are off from school so they can travel altogether, and simply it is a habit of most Vietnamese people. Spring is an ideal time to see a very soft and alluring side of Halong. During the colder season, it is when foreigners enjoy visiting Vietnam’s Northern region the most, and Halong is of course in their checklist.

Seeing the Nature changing leaf’s color or flowers blooming is one of the most blissful moments, especially when the color is reflected on the ocean mirror. The sky can be gentle, carrying a portrait-like alabaster tone, and the water is admirably tranquil. Other times, it is “as clear as an azure sky of deepest summer”, and the water just double-exposes the clarity.

Before doing a thorough research of Halong, many people might think a day trip to the Bay would be good enough, but Halong deserves more than that. It is a vast bay, providing lots of excitement and possibly satisfying different needs and travelers. The sunrise will give a hopeful sense, while the sunset reminds you to gratefulness. The feeling is more special when you witness the Sun’s movement around the middle of Mother Nature’s creation. Truly blessed.

Therefore, a night or two spent on a cruise will definitely allow you to experience shades of Halong Bay more completely.

Things to do along with your night cruises in Halong Bay?

To enrich the experience, many onboard and off-board activities are organized for guests to participate in. Kayaking in Ho Ba Ham to witness the pristine water and sing some songs with the wind under the blue sky, joining a tour to get inside Tien Ong Cave and feel the remnants of legend in every fossil inch, emerging in the local life of Cua Van floating fishing village, and observing the process of making pearls in Tung Sau village are some unique examples that you have to try out. Besides, biking around Viet Hai Village located on a more isolating island can give you a mixed feeling: between the thrill and the chill.

In terms of onboard activities, some cruise operators include Tai Chi lesson practiced on the sundeck in the early morning to start off your day fresh. In the evening, depending on your preference, an outdoor cinema might be set up so that you can enjoy movies right in the Bay. Also, slowly munching on a good book on your own cabin’s balcony with a view toward the majestic Halong is not a daily thing to do. With Bhaya Cruises, serving a wide range of food is one of our strength and we are confident to be able to satisfy all guests’ needs and diets.

Sumptuous meals and even special BBQ fests might be served to you if luckily your journey with Bhaya is on a holiday. Don’t forget to check special deals from different operators to get extra gifts! In addition, a “Master-Chef Competition” in Cruise version is created to allow all guests to learn and try your hands with authentic Vietnamese food, and if you’re doing well in the contest, gifts will then be awarded.

Cruising with Bhaya is also the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world. As if it is the time of many festivals and holidays, you can all join in this cultural hub on Bhaya and chit chat while holding a glass of cocktail or sipping along a cup of hot chocolate.  

Let’s make this happen!