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Most common scams when booking a cruise in Halong Bay

Last updated on
November 8, 2019

Consumer trends have indicated that most travelers go online to conduct travel research. Nowadays, more and more travelers prefer to book their vacations online. The arrival of online booking websites has made everything so much easier and more flexible for everyone.

If you are planning to dwell in the best views of Halong Bay, cruising is a wonderful choice for a dream holiday that matches any passengers’ expectations. The cruise industry is gaining popularity more than ever in the leisure travel market owing to innovative designs and a variety of destinations. To minimize the chance of falling for a booking scam, first-time cruisers should be aware of all the tricks and try to avoid it. 

Common Types of Scams 

Many travelers may not realize that travel scams start right on their personal computers and smartphones. One of the most common scams you may experience is stumbled upon a fake travel website on the internet. The same scams can apply with other pages as well, like hotel accommodation, facebook, and airline ticket. There are plenty of fake and imitation websites that look identical to the real one which makes it’s almost impossible to tell the fake site from the real one. In most cases, the cybercriminals will use a domain name similar to the original one by modifying some words.

Since cruises have become more accessible and convenient than ever before, everyone’s been eager to fulfill their ultimate dream cruise which exposes them as an easy target for cyber thieves.

Many individuals have received some sort of promotional emails, pop-ups, or online advertisements for a free cruise at least once in a while. In many situations, these scams come at very cheap prices to lure travelers who opt for the budget. When clicking on these ads, you might be transferred to an unsafe website that urges you to deposit a large amount of money to secure a holiday.

Booking a cruise online using an unsecured network increases higher security concerns. Sometimes convenience seems to outweigh the risks, especially with mobile device users. Using free public Wi-fi networks means that travelers are going to confront with serious risk of personal account details being exposed.

In a survey by McAfee, a cybersecurity company, 62% of users admitted that they have connected to public wifi in an airport while 49% using the hotel’s wifi. Public Wi-fi often lacks encryption which can protect the information sent from your device to the router. As you surf the web using unprotected wifi, a cybercriminal can monitor all your activity and wait for an opportunity to copy your info such as passwords, online banking, or financial data.

How to Avoid Scams 

No one denies that the evolution of the Internet has changed the way we shop, bank, and communicate with the world. Scammers can be inventive and keep coming up with new tricks to rip off the innocents. Precaution is always better than cure and it requires just some effort and attention to protect yourself from these harms.

The smartest way to identify a website is by taking a couple of minutes to double-check the domain name. Make sure that the website has domains that end with .net or .org and provides authentic contact and address information.

Some websites appear to offer legitimate service but only available through message or email. Typing errors, low-resolution pictures, and logos can also be indications of scammer’s creation. Another way to check the website is to look for a padlock icon before the website’s URL means the site is encrypted. All payments should be conducted through a trusted platform to protect your data from hackers.

As the internet becomes our daily tool, travelers should carefully research before settling down with a cruise. Always choose a legitimate cruise if you are planning to spend wonderful days surrounded by the magnificent landscape and exotic islands. Run a background check if you have never heard of this cruise. You can research to see feedback from the passengers to evaluate the trustworthiness of the site on OTA channels.

For example, if you are looking for a cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam, you can do the first skim on After customizing your categories, you can easily locate the best cruises for your preferences. With a 5-star rating and lots of positive reviews, Bhaya is known as one of the most outstanding cruises in Halong Bay.

Nobody wants to be a helpless victim or has a disaster vacation. This is why potential cruise passengers should pay attention and watch out for all the tricks to book the best vacation that they’ve worked hard for.