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Post-pandemic: Why are more travelers choosing private cruises in Ha Long Bay?

Last updated on
March 6, 2023

The world is slowly back to its regularity after the three-year pandemic. Lots of things have been changed, including travel habits, to the direction that no one knows what to expect. But, as having a seemingly stable number of new passengers booking with us, we’ve seen a new trend: Private cruises in Halong Bay.

Overview of Ha Long Bay cruise options

Ha Long Bay has always been one of the must-visit destinations in Vietnam, especially for its first-time tourists. The beauty and legend of the Bay have said it all. An overnight cruising experience is the best way to travel within this World Heritage site.

Cruise operators like Bhaya stand out with a variety of choices for passengers to choose from. The most popular ones are the 2-day-1night on Bhaya Classic. But in order to immerse more deeply into other sides of the Bay like Lan Ha, we highly recommend our guests take the three-day-two-night tour. The value-for-money option is on Bhaya Classic, the more boutique one is on Bhaya Premium, and the luxury one is with The Au Co.

Halong Bay private cruise guide

The other common cruise option is to try out a day cruise. This is ideal for those who are short on time but still want to get a sense of why Ha Long is such a destination. It usually takes only 8 hours onboard, with an activity like visiting Sung Sot Cave or taking a dip in Titov Island. If departing from Hanoi, it will take guests an extra two-hour trip by car before embarking from Tuan Chau Island.

All of the options above let tourists explore Ha Long Bay on sharing cruises.

The limitation in route & duration for popular sharing cruises

Since the sharing cruises are made to serve many groups of guests, they must have their own itineraries and passengers usually need to follow the timing and included activities. It has some limitations and guests might find something in the program that they don’t enjoy so much. For example, you prefer spending more time in Viet Hai Village than on the beach, yet it’s impossible to break away from the whole group’s timeline to stay in Vietnam as you wish. Sharing cruises is perfect for first-time visitors, but not for people who want to return for more. And the area is tremendous, containing so many wonderful things to experience.

The flexibility for private cruising

So, this leaves us with the other option: private cruising. What’s the best part about it? The obvious flexibility that guests can request. The whole fleet is yours, cruise operators can advise you of destinations and activities along the voyage depending on your preferences. Nevertheless, you are totally in control of the timing and even the budget.

Private cruising allows passengers to choose their own routes: Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, or Lan Ha Bay

Pros & cons of the private cruise in Ha Long Bay

– Flexibility on timing & itineraries
– Private & large space onboard
– Tailor-made experience based on your preferences
– 24/7 onboard butler service
– Chance to travel to further sides like Bai Tu Long Bay
– Possibly expensive
– Not as much space and privacy
– The inflexibility of timing and itineraries
– Only travel to the touristy sides of Ha Long
We hope you can take this into consideration before booking your own cruise to Ha Long Bay

Suggesting options for private cruises in Ha Long Bay

To this point, perhaps you’ve got a rough idea of why private cruising is slightly a better decision when in Ha Long. Below are some recommendations for you to pick:

Bhaya Legend Private Cruise

From US$931 for 2 adults on one private boat – options for up to 4-night cruising or longer

Bhaya Legend Private Cruise
with options for boats from 1 cabin to 5 cabins
  • Cruise among thousands of limestone islands in Halong Bay in complete privacy
  • The flexibility to choose your own routes: Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay or Lan Ha Bay. For 3+ nights, a private cruise can combine 2 or more bays on the programs.
  • Excursions to secluded beaches, natural caves, floating villages and kayaking areas could be arranged to avoid the crowds during peak hours.

L’amour Junk

From US$450/pax – 2D1N, 3D2N, or 4D3N

L’amour Private Junk
only 1-cabin boat
  • Only one en-suite cabin onboard
  • Privacy & romantic experience on the bay

L’Azalee Cruise

From US$190/pax – Day Cruise

L’Azalee Private Cruise
only 1-cabin boat
  • Best choice for couples with only 1 cabin
  • Private butler dedicated to serving customers’ needs
  • Premium facilities and services on deck

Valentine Premium Cruise

From US$575/pax – 2D1N or 3D2N

Valentine Premium Private Cruise
only 2-cabin boat
  • Small luxury cruise with fewer cabins
  • Comfortable bathroom with massage, rainfall, and bathtub
  • Classic travel route

Prince Junk Cruise

From US$480/pax – 2D1N or 3D2N

Prince Private Cruise
only 4-cabin boat
  • Explore the well-hidden Thien Canh Son Cave
  • Visit Vung Vieng Floating Fishing Village and the surrounding area by local boat or observe the daily lives of the locals.
  • Enjoy swimming or relaxing on a white sandy beach at Hon Co Island

Petit White Dolphin Cruise

From US$386/pax – 2D1N or 3D2N

Petit White Dolphin Private Cruise
only 4-cabin boat
  • Visit Vung Vieng village to discover fascinating culture and life.
  • Participate in a cooking class onboard for more Vietnamese cuisine knowledge.
  • Enjoy the appealing beauty of sunrise and sunset on the boat

It is exciting to look forward to the new travel trends. Changes are not easy, but their challenges are the ones that will keep us creative to bring out the best service and products to our passengers.

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