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Christmas and New Year holiday in Vietnam

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December 6, 2022

Vietnam has become a top place to visit even during winter holiday for foreigners. Large cities’ atmosphere is absolutely festive, and the decoration makes the cities more glamorous and welcoming in the evening. Foreigners who stay in Vietnam during this time of the year also feel closer to home as seeing the familiar scenes around.


For many people, the transitional days between the current year and the New Year are to spend with families. After all the work and study, it is always the best to return to your cozy nest and indulge yourself with love from your beloved. The common habit in the holiday is to go shopping, decorate the house, cook tons of food, stay at home, and be quite inactive. It sounds a bit repetitive. What if you can embark for a new adventure during the holiday? The adventure here is to travel to Vietnam!


Going to Vietnam during this time of the year is the best because the weather is stable throughout the country. The South is hot and dry. The North is cool and dry. Without the rain interruption, your trip is ensured to be nearly perfect as you can spend time outdoors doing lots of fun activities and discover the stunning nature of Vietnam.


For those who don’t mind the heat, visiting Ho Chi Minh City in December or January is a good idea. The city is modern and dynamic. It transforms in seconds and fuels neon lights of youth. If you love the social side of urban life, this is a must-visit destination. The food scene is diverse. The clubbing scene is fun. The fashion scene is innovative. The culture scene is hot! Despite the heat during the day, HCMC is very breezy at night, plus the festive decoration will brighten up the whole city in excitement. Hence, visitors are free to choose their preferable activities. Another bonus point is its accessibility to other nearby sensational destinations like Can Gio Island and Mekong floating markets.


Celebrating Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City (Source:


If you don’t mind the heat, either, and enjoy more romantic scenes, exploring Da Nang and wandering around Hoi An Ancient Town would be just for you. Da Nang is not only energetic but the charming walk over Han River and relaxing across smooth and sandy beaches will also make you fall in love with life here. Da Nang is also the stepping stone to reaching Ba Na Hills, a remarkable place created by both magnificent Nature and astounding man-made power.


Cable to Ba Na Hills (Source: Sun World)

From Da Nang, it is very easy to travel to Faifo, another name for Hoi An. In spite of its humble size, Faifo has been magnetizing both domestic and foreign visitors for its unique beauty. The town is not as vigorous as the big cities but still connects with many hearts with a river running through town and poetic corners found randomly around the town. Spending your holiday in these places will be different and sweet at the same time.


Kids makeover as Santa Claus for Christmas in Hoi An (Source: Hoi An Eco Tours)


If you are not sure which style to look for, perhaps Hanoi is a good answer, especially when you belong to a group that enjoys the cooler weather. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and is located in the North. The winter in Hanoi is around 15-20 degrees, which is perfect for enjoying the outdoors.


Celebrating in St. Joseph’s Cathedral Hanoi (PC: Do Ngoc Linh)

Hanoi has the mixed beauty of Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An: lively but actually romantic. Because of its contrast, Hanoi is attractive in its own way. Whoever loves Hanoi will always find a way to be back here.


Movement in Hanoi (Source:

Christmas and New Year holiday is a big impression on this city. Hanoi seems to stay up much later than usual and everyone starts getting in the roam of fests since there comes Tet, the national holiday in Vietnam, within a few short weeks.

Not only catching up with the modern pace, Hanoi still works hard to maintain historic remnants across the city, let alone its elegant cuisine, which might make you sob a bit for how delicious it is. Come to Hanoi if you are looking for the perfect fusion or simply not sure what to look for. It is the place to find love and let love find you.


Not too far away from Hanoi, Quang Ninh is only a two-hour ride from Hanoi. With many current investments in infrastructure, Quang Ninh is more fabulous than ever, equipped with modern facilities, amusement park, and economic development. Having fun during the holiday season in Quang Ninh is a great idea, especially when having children in your family.

And when coming to Quang Ninh, Halong Bay is a must inclusion. The splendid beauty of the Bay has been visited by tourists from all over the world and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Joining a delightful holiday luxury cruise is ideal to get closer to Nature while enjoying the utmost service and exhilarating itinerary from cruise operators.


Think of your worries and hectic preparation for the busy holiday no longer existing. Blowing a new breeze into your holiday, you can now spend more quality time with everyone in the family while trying out new activities. And don’t forget about the surprises that the cruise operator offers, you might want to repeat this new habit to become a new family culture.


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