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Why a Halong Cruise can help achieve all your New Year Resolutions 2019

Last updated on
February 25, 2019

2019 has been around for 10 days, and the “tradition” of creating New Year resolutions has been widely shared on the Internet. Many people believe they have become more purposeful because of jotting down their own resolutions, allowing them to be more productive through daily tasks.

The key to complete all your resolutions is to be as practical and specific as possible. For example, if you would like to lose weight, be clear on the number: write down “to lose 5lbs” instead of “stop being out of shape” or an unrealistic number.

The New Year resolutions are certainly varied on different individuals. But according to Inc., there are 10 of them are the most common among us. You will have a whole year to gradually conquer all the challenges. Tackling the resolutions might require lots of motivation to start with, which is why lots of people lose from the first round.

To motivate you to go all the way through, you should relate your resolutions to something fun and returning happiness. How about embarking on a cruise to witness one of the most desirable destinations on Earth?

Recognized as a World Heritage site, Halong Bay has charmed all passengers who have visited the place. Its ideal location, majestic views, magical formation of karst and limestone mountains, biodiversity, and unique local culture experience. While on a Halong cruise, you can try out different activities or simply relax in this beautiful surrounding.  Whatever better is the Halong cruise will allow you to begin tackling down the 10 most common New Year resolutions without pushing yourself too hard.


Here are the resolutions and how a Halong cruise can help you achieve them all:

  1. Diet or eat healthier

Adventurous travels might usually not allow a high maintenance diet if you are following strict rules. But once joining onboard any reputable cruise in Halong Bay, you will surely be served well even if having your own diet and preferences.


These cruise operators can offer a diverse range of fresh food, so the dining will be even suitable for those who would like to be healthier. You can also have a little taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine in the most stunning background of Halong Bay. Another bonus point is you don’t have to worry about extra cost since the meals are fully covered within the cruise.

  1. Exercise more

Cruising is not as hard-core as spending your whole travel time to trek and hike, but it is the combination of both leisure and exploration to help you find the right balance of peace. And with the vast space of Halong Bay and nearby areas like Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, you can freely choose many activities to participate and have fun with.

Biking around Viet Hai Village, a very small village filled with local culture enrichment, you can sense the true rare tranquility. The green covers the whole place and all the animals take time to enjoy their lives. The local people here were originally fishermen but have moved to this land to start farming organic plants that are served on Bhaya Cruises.


Once joining a cruise, you can have the chance to discover smaller islets scattering around the Gulf of Tonkin and swim or snorkel in the most pristine water. And if you want to try out more intense exercises, kayaking or trekking are what make you sweat and sore all the muscles.


  1. Lose weight

It is not because of the tough traveling, you’ll lose weight. It’d rather depend on the perfectly curated itineraries that allow guests to experience different experiences on their own terms, plus the great foods will benefit you with lots of healthy options.

Mystical Halong Bay During January

Credit photo: @thaopham26

  1. Save more and spend less

When paying a visit to a city, mostly you will have to spend an extra fee to buy food, to enter a venue, or buy way too many unnecessary stuff because of the shopping temptation. If joining on a Halong cruise, you can avoid most of the vanity since the cruise pulls you closer to the beautiful nature, soothing your mind and letting you appreciate life more deeply.


  1. Learn new skill or hobby

Have you ever heard of squid fishing? Or have you ever tried to cook the Vietnamese spring rolls? Do you know how a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony is processed? There are many great things to learn once being onboard and perhaps any of them might trigger your interest and make you want to pursue mastering the skill in the long run!


  1. Quit smoking

If you want to refresh your life without toxic smoking, the Halong cruise will help you be distracted from the busy city life and the calm and green environment will certainly make you forget about the urge to smoke up and refuel with positive energy instead.

  1. Read more

Yes, reading on a sunny beach is one of the most chillaxing activities. The Gulf of Tonkin contains thousands of islands and islets in which many of them are private and pristine beaches that can give you freedom and quietness to enjoy your books. Plus there are many spaces on the cruise for you to read as well, such as from your own balcony or on the sundeck with a view towards the spectacular Bays.

  1. Find another job

Perhaps a getaway from the city is the opportunity for you to clear the mind. Then you can make better decisions not only of your career but also of relationships.

The unique experience of the Halong cruise will let you look at things from a totally different perspective and new ideas and positive energy might be born from that point.


  1. Drink less alcohol

Alcohol will still be served onboard, but plenty of other healthy drinks are offered as well. You would want to consume these yummy mocktails as energy boosts to adventure the most of Halong Bay.

  1. Spend more time with family and friends

A vacation to spend more time with your beloved ones is a must once in a while to reconnect and rekindle the love among you all. Life makes us become busy with work but friends and family are the ones who always stay with you through hardship. Appreciate them in your life and spend more time with them! A trip to Halong Bay can be a cool experience for you all to try out new things and have fun all together.