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The most romantic dinner in Halong Bay

Last updated on
July 22, 2019

A lot of wonderful things in Halong Bay that you need to see in your own eyes and experience the great sunset view with the sound of waves while sailing through majestic limestone, it is simply a place packed with adventures and romance that make us want to fall in love.

The Love Story in Halong Bay

Embarking on a journey with Bhaya Legend which will take you through a perfect itinerary that can be customized for a special romantic occasion. Visitors will be moved by the beauty of Trinh Nu (Virgin) Area and the emotional love story behind its existence.

Legend says there was a beautiful young lady who was deeply in love with a poor fisherman. Her family was so poor that a rich landlord used his power to force her father to marry the girl. Committing to her one and only love, she refused this arranged marriage and wanted to stay faithful to her lover. Because of anger and embarrassment, the landlord exiled her to a deserted island and left her there with no food or drink. Due to exhaustion and starvation, her body turned into a stone figure, which visitors can now still see in the cave. For lovers, the Virgin Cave is the symbol of the faithfulness of love and imprinted with a meaningful story that’s been lasting for many years.


Aesthetic values of the Trinh Nu Area in Halong Bay

Trinh Nu Cave is considered as the symbol of true love and a romantic place. The astounding stalagmites with unique shapes are above the ceiling. Nowhere do you feel as enchanted and dreamy as Trinh Nu Area. Outside the marvelous cave is a pristine beach with white sand. With its flat sandy floors, serene waves, and emerald water, blessed by Mother Nature, the views are simply astounding. The whole beach is a wonderful location for couples who value privacy and seclusion on during their vacation. This secluded gem is a great spot for a private dinner right next to the emerald water and under the moonlight.

Dinner on The Beach in Halong Bay

You can’t think of a better location to have a wonderful dinner under the elegant moonlight and stars than on Trinh Nu Beach. A whole private candlelit decorated island for just you two. Bhaya sets up a private table covered with a white tablecloth and chairs on the oceanside. Candles surround the table and create a romantic ambiance. The perfect time to start your dinner should be before sundown so that you can enjoy a vivid sunset. Rejoicing in the cool breeze of summer and wonderful sunset sight while drinking champagne with your beloved is unsurpassable. The atmosphere will give you the most stunning moment and a memorable evening you have ever known.


Bhaya’s Chef will carefully select the best ingredients mostly from local farms. It is a must to reserve your private dinner on the beach with Bhaya or list your special diet requests or preferred dishes (if any) with extra fees so that you will be served with the perfect dining experience. Dinner amidst Halong Bay means delicious gastronomy with picturesque views. This is a great option for couples traveling to Halong Bay that plan romantic proposals or honeymoon getaways.

Every great journey deserves to include a special moment. Visiting Halong Bay is like visiting a romantic film set, surreal islands keep rising out of the sea and perhaps a dream that should never end. Those who want a romantic stunning ocean view with a touch of glamor should check out Halong Bay. Don’t miss a chance to create a memory with your beloved one.