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Planning the ultimate cruise wedding in Halong Bay

Last updated on
September 11, 2019

Wedding season is here for all the couples who want to move on to the next important chapter of their lives together. In Vietnam, a typical wedding is often celebrated in a grand restaurant, receiving all wishes from the bride and the groom’s friends and relatives. Regardless wherever you are from, a wedding on a cruise must be one of the most exotic ways to experience, especially if your wedding cruise happened on a World Heritage site.

Why Halong Bay is the new wedding exhilaration

Inviting guests come over to a fancy restaurant or witness your blessing day at a church is a conventional celebration. The old way always yourselves from lots of risks. But to be frank, it is kind of boring to do it all the times. A wedding day should be unforgettable for the couple and created with different cheerful activities along to allow both the couple and the guests to have fun and treasure the day forever.

Halong Bay can be “the one” destination that you are thinking outside of the box. It is so close to many large cities and only takes fewer than 3 hours now to transfer from Hanoi (New Highway shorten time to travel from Hanoi to Halong). Plus by joining one of the Halong’s cruises, the guests will not only be able to witness the charm of the Bay, but they can also emerge into many fun activities that the cruise operator has professionally prepared.

Your wedding day is now turning to a brand new page!

What kind of wedding to enjoy in Halong Bay

Wedding in Halong Bay will open many opportunities for both the couples and their guests to experience exclusive venues. If you prefer more of a traditional way with a touch of oddity, an overnight wedding cruise with sundeck is the best option where the party will be set up on the large area of the ship that everyone can celebrate Your Day, then be charmed by the sunset and seduced by the tranquil night of the magnificent Halong Bay. Or if you’d like to seek more privacy, having your wedding organized in a private beach will be a perfect example. For those who look forward to more thrilling methods, how about saying “I do” in a cave or on a floating platform with open air surrounding? No matter what your wedding desire is, Halong Bay will surely offer great variety.

What to do before coming to Halong Bay

Having your wedding happened in Halong Bay will surely be an unforgettable event of your life and even for those attending your celebration. It is an opportunity to express your ultimate romance and show deep love to the significant other. The event can be professionally succeeded to fuse your best fantasy and one of the World’s Natural Wonder under the impeccable service by Bhaya Cruises.

Meanwhile, summer is a very popular season of the year to have weddings; winter is not in the mindset of most people for it usually reminds of the somberness. But do you know Halong Bay is the most beautiful in the colder season and Bhaya Group is the pioneer in serving the exotic wedding experience for our future brides and grooms in this very gem of Vietnam?

However, before making the fairy tale come to reality, you will need to prepare a few things as below:

1. Get the paperwork done

It is possible to sign up for the marriage license both before and after the wedding within 1-2 months. But we highly recommend the future bride and groom to prepare beforehand to be more confident entering their wedding, especially if they are foreigners in Vietnam. Bhaya can guarantee a much better service when having your corporate.

2. Check your schedule, itinerary, and surcharge, etc.

In Vietnam, the wedding season is from October to April, when the weather is dry, cooler, and stable. The winter is not very brassy for a tropical country, so it turns out to be the ideal time to travel to Vietnam during this period. And what can be even better is to have your wedding happened in the amazing weather on a cruise along with the epic beauty of Halong Bay.

As of its peak season, many different itineraries are offered to satisfy the high demands of tourists, and it also means your schedule can be on any day. All you should do is to double check back and forth with your guests to see if they are available on your wedding day. In addition, considering a budget for this event plays a vital role in the final decision. Comparing with other cruise weddings in other areas, most cruise providers in Halong Bay can offer better deals, let alone the mesmerizing scenes here are the best background for your happy day.

Why you should consider Bhaya’s wedding packages

For your most unique and memorable day, Bhaya Classic has the pleasure of arranging and hosting. Halong Bay is truly one-of-a-kind venue for your wedding and offers a variety of gorgeous backdrops for wedding photography. So allowing the elegance of the Bay’s limestone and sea breezes to enrich your special day is the right thing.

Bhaya Classic has a track record of proven capabilities that you can rely on delivering every detail of your Halong Bay wedding cruise. Our team works tirelessly with clients, getting to know your personality and style preferences to create a cruise that is all about you.  We offer all-inclusive Halong Bay Wedding Cruise packages which are fully customizable, allowing you to oversee every option you wish, to make your wedding perfect. Come to Halong Bay and let Bhaya Classic build your dream wedding into reality.

Every detail is designed and carefully checked to be sure that it meets your specifications. As needed, we are happy to arrange the services of a wedding planner, a ceremony officer to conduct the wedding, photographers, decoration package and caterers. Our Bhaya Classic operates a fleet of 7 Halong Bay cruise boats, and all of which offer hi-quality accommodation, facilities, and amenities. Once the wedding booked, passengers are allowed to make use of the whole ship and even take advantage of our relaxing treatments in the spa. Bhaya also delivers gourmet cuisine with multiple menus that can be customized and suggested to serve all your guests’ needs.

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You can expect a full-service package for your cruise wedding with Bhaya. A wide range of equipment and services are to support MICE event cruises, in which the wedding is a part. Themed decoration in both common areas and cabins on the ship as well as customizable musical performances are in our checklist.

What about your wedding concept? Why not planning a dream wedding with Bhaya to receive the lovely blessing from your beloved in the most blessed bay of Vietnam?