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How to save up for your Halong Cruise

Last updated on
February 25, 2019

Nowadays, traveling has been a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. You can learn so much about the world by communicating with the locals, experiencing different geography, and trying out the natives’ habits you might have never thought of. Traveling allows you to not only expand your knowledge about culture, but it also lets you keep on an active lifestyle when constant moving is encouraged to reach out further, stepping out of the comfort zone to challenge yourself, and to grow.

However, many people assume they can’t afford enough for traveling no matter how much they want it. But hold on a second. First, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Secondly, please do not assume anything before doing your own research on the matter. There are many kinds of travel, and yes, some cost like your whole life’s earning. However, there are some that might not require tons of fees and still return life-valued lessons afterwards.

Of all the traveling styles, cruising is perhaps suitable for all ages and different preferences. Whether you are an adventurer or more leaning towards relaxing, you are in thirst of something exotic or simply want to get away to a more romantic and private place on Earth with your beloved, cruising can meet your demands. Recognized as a World Heritage Site, Halong Bay is the most desirable destination where it offers so much to tourists with its impeccable sightseeing and interesting local cultural experiences. And being able to cruise in this legendary area is the voyage we should all try out at least once.


So how can you start for this cruise, when to go, how much, etc. are the kinds of questions that confuse you. Considering a Halong Cruise is one the life goals, you can also apply these steps to other goals such as buying a house, getting a higher education degree, or opening a business. It might be chaotic at the beginning, but once in the zone, you will find it easier to organize your life to achieve the goals you have always wanted.

  1. Debt free

To have the freedom of doing anything in life, being financially independent is the key. Without debt, you will have more emancipation to choose other options for self-development and happiness. So, work hard to earn the money, payback for whomever you’ve owed.

  1. Set goals

To motivate yourself in saving up more than lavishing all the money on unnecessary things, setting goals is to help you clarify the better vision to look forward and break down into smaller steps so that you won’t freak out of your own dream.

  1. Tracking daily spending

It is highly possible that you can earn a lot of money, yet still wonder why there is not much left in your bank account at the end of the month. To have a generous amount of finance to support different businesses in the future, you should track your daily spending. It will be inconvenient at first because you are suggested to note even the $.50 donut bought from the convenience store. Yet once this’ become a habit, you will have a better idea of how much you spend daily, weekly, and can estimate the average spending in a month. This will lead to a better monthly saving up goal later on.

  1. Check the cruise pricing

You don’t have to prepare thousands of dollars for a dream cruise in Halong Bay. There are many varieties; some are based on seasons, duration of the journey, type of fleet, the number of people going with you, and so on. Many cruise operators have provided good-value-for-money trips to passengers from all over the world. With Bhaya Cruises, there are at least 10 packages you can choose from.

  1. Budget

If you must be tight on the budget, a day trip in the Bay can do okay. But to be honest, a few hours in the Bay is just for the sake of “check-in” on social media. Once researching more about the Gulf of Tonkin, you’ll figure that Halong Bay is one of the three worth-visiting destinations, besides Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Of course, it will cost more for a farther exploration and require more of your investment. But the harder the challenge, the more fulfilling you’ll have when conquering it.


By breaking down into steps, the path to your dream travel will be vivid and more doable. It won’t happen within a short time, but if you work hard, are patient, and commit to your set goals, the dream cruise in Halong Bay will be possible. Hopefully, Halong Bay can welcome you more than just once!