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Halong Bay Cruise: Tips for single traveler during the Tet Holidays

Last updated on
February 24, 2019

Tet is the most important and sacred holiday in Vietnam. It is celebrating the Lunar New Year and the coming of spring, with a great emphasis on luck and prosperity for the year ahead. Tet holiday lasts for about a week long. City shops and restaurants shut down during this time of year when most people go back to their hometown to celebrate with their families.  As for cruising, this can be a real bonus since fewer cruise companies operate during this time. There are not as many ships out on the bay so you can feel the majestic atmosphere more vividly.

There are certain traditional foods that are prepared during the Tet holiday. One of the staple foods is called Chung cake. It is tightly packed sticky rice with meat or bean filling, wrapped in Dong or banana leaves and tied with bamboo. This is a must try during your Halong Bay overnight cruise.

Halong Bay cruise for a single traveler holds countless stimulating activities and opportunities. Kayak through the breathtaking karst mountains and see the limestone up close. Explore caves with incredible stalagmite and stalactite. On board, you can enjoy a cooking demonstration and learn how to make traditional Vietnamese food to surprise your friends and family with back home. You can also join the morning Tai chi class and refresh your mind and body at sunrise.

At night, you may get a chance to go squid fishing with the crew. This is also a great chance to meet other travelers and potentially make great friends. The bar and dining area is a perfect place to mingle and chat with others as there is open seating and of course happy hour!

Halong Bay overnight cruise during Tet will have a unique and celebratory atmosphere. If you wish to really immerse yourself in the Vietnamese culture and learn about some of their strongest traditions, this is the time to go. The staff and crew on board will be more than happy to teach you about Tet and talk about the customs of this special time of year.

The festive red and gold decorations on board will provide a home-like feeling to your cruise. You may even receive ‘’lucky money’’ from your cruise manager, which is a custom during this time. Children will typically receive a small amount of money in a red envelope to signify luck and prosperity for the year ahead. Cruising during the Tet holiday is truly a unique experience that no traveler should miss out on. It will bring you a sense of warmth and joy that may not always be captured on another cruise.