Green practices on board

Last updated on
November 14, 2018

As a pioneer in sustainable cruising among cruise operators in Halong Bay, Bhaya Group’s fleet always makes sure to minimize our impact on the local environment during our operation. Especially under the framework of Bhaya Green project, one of our CSR activated projects in 2017, many initiatives have been made for our effort to protect Halong environment.

Along with GREENoffice campaign on our land-based offices, we also have been doing several green practices on board including ‘Switch if Off’ and ‘Towel Reuse’ campaigns.

In each cabin, we set up a ‘Switch if Off’ notice with the message to protect the environment by turning off lights and electrical appliances.
“Please help us to protect the environment by switching the lights and air conditioning unit off when you leave your room. Also please remember to unplug any electrical devices like chargers and laptops once they are fully charged. The majority if chargers continue to use electricity if left plugged in and so do laptops when left on standby mode. This leads to what is known as electrical leakage, thereby continuing to produce CO2 emissions.”

The en-suite bathroom is cleaned and prepared with new towels twice a day. Researches have shown that laundry account for considerable use of water. As part of our effort to minimize our impact on the environment, we put a sign in the bathroom encouraging guests to reuse their towel. It is also important to be able to give guests a choice. Nowadays, more and more guests are conscious of this issue.

Bhaya Group are one of the pioneers to makes a large investment to install an advanced water treatment system. The facilities deal with both grey water and bilge water.
Greywater is wastewater from the sink, bath… while Bilge water is generated from the engine, oil, and sewage. Grey water is relatively clean so it can be reused for toilet flushing.
All wastewater have to undergo a proper treatment before return to the mainland. Unlike ocean cruise ship, The Au Co come back harbor every one to two days so all waste is sent to waste plant. Wastewater will be released and fresh water is refilled. The water treatment system onboard has minimized the negative impact on Halong water quality and the environment in general.

With a great commitment to environmental conservation, Bhaya Group will implement more green practices across all of our vessels.