Bai Tu Long Lan Ha Bay Off The Beaten Path Travel Guide

Explore the Exotic Halong Bay

Last updated on
January 10, 2019

What makes the cruise in Halong bay unique? When embarking on the cruise, guests will be able to explore the farther side of Halong Bay, which are Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. These areas are less known by many tourists, so the majority of the landscapes there are still unspoiled. Along with the “untouched” destinations, many creative activities that bring people together and create great memories are offered via cruise operators.


  1. Tien Ong Cave

The cave is the latest addition to the collection of cruising attractions in Halong Bay. Therefore, it is no surprise as guests find it a very pristine landscape but still with a precious system of stalagmites and stalactites that ancient Vietnamese people left thousands of years ago.

Tien Ong Cave is located on Cai Tai Island and amongst the karst islets population. The cave entrance has been layered with emerald green moss due to eras being dipped in seawater which features a primitive charm. According to Mr. J Anderson, a Swedish archaeologist, who surveyed the cave in 1938, remains of the ancient Viet people have been found along the shores and on the islands of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. And Tien Ong Cave was one of the places containing the remains. Indeed, huge sediment filled by shells and some rudimentary tools made by cobbles were discovered by the archaeologist. Since the findings were announced, Tien Ong has been considered as an important archaeological point on the map representing the distribution of ancient Halong people’s remains.


  1. Viet Hai Village

Viet Hai is perhaps the most significant destination that guests are able to visit. This village is on Cat Ba Island, facing towards Lan Ha Bay. It takes about 4 km from the port to the village gate and there are many ways to reach Viet Hai: walking, biking, or paying for a round-trip seat on a trolley. The most suggested transportation is biking because it allows you to watch the path to the village according to your own speed and does not cause too much sweat. Biking takes about 20 minutes to reach the final point. Meanwhile, walking is an awesome option to try out in colder seasons. The walking path is the same as the biking, so it is very flat. The surrounding is absolutely serene with clear air. When walking in a beautiful weather, it will be the right time to collect your thoughts or have deep conversations with your companions, plus you might be able to discover hidden yet poetic corners which are only seen by walkers.

While in Viet Hai, you can emerge in the local life. The Vietnamese had a fun way to grind rice in the ancient time with quite a large system, but totally manual. It did take a lot of effort and time for the people here to collect the rice before cooking them. Another belief about snake liquor-related to giving birth to a son might strike your interest. And the whole setting of the Vietnamese kitchen is another worthy scene.


  1. Tung Sau Pearl Farm

The Mother Nature blesses this bay not only the marvelous geological structure and breathtaking scenery but also precious products, in which Halong’s pearl is renowned. In Tung Sau Pearl Farm, you will be able to see the whole process of making pearls from harvesting the pearls in their rawest form inside the mollusk till it’s become shiny as the final valuable jewelry. Halong’s pearls are a great combination of Vietnamese handicraft growing and Japanese technology to perfect each pearl.


  1. Exclusive beaches: Ba Trai Dao, Ban Chan and many more

There are several beach destinations in the world, but Halong Bay is the most exclusive. Marine life in the bay is very diverse and special. There are very few places on Earth where you witness the wealth in the form of coral reefs. In Ba Trai Dao and Ban Chan beaches, swimming and snorkeling are encouraged to let tourists pay a visit to the deep beauty of the teal water and grottoes. Guests can also kayak or simply relax on the beach. The water of these beaches is very tranquil and lukewarm, which is great to do activities all year round.


5. Cua Van Floating Fish Village

Chosen by Huffington Post as one of the most 11 Beautiful Small Town Around the World in 2015 and voted as one of the most 15 Beautiful Ancient Villages in the World by, Cua Van can’t be an inevitable destination. It is surrounded by karst limestone mountains and islets, the village is peacefully located in the serene emerald water area, with about 180 households. You will see the unique lifestyle of the locals here. For example, if paying a visit to your neighbor, kayaking in a few minutes is the only way here. To keep the environment always clean, the community often roams around to collect garbage and floating waste. The energy of the village is truly special and pleasant.



  1. Squid fishing

In the evening, squid fishing is one of the most engaging activities on the Halong cruise. The setup for the fishing is quite simple. Guests still stand on the ship and use fishing rods to hook the squids. Special lighting will be used to attract them. A lucky guest might catch 15-20 squids per night. The trick is you will need to constantly move the rods as there is no bait on the hook. When the squids are caught, they will squirt their black ink as a way of self-defense so please be careful of not letting the ink dirt your clothes. Other than that, it is a very fun experience to have onboard.

  1. Onboard cinema amidst the majestic Halong Bay

Let yourself indulge in the silver screen under the vast mineral night, breathe in the fresh air, and relax in the most surreal scene. Many movie options are offered, and you can absolutely take advantage of our nearby bar to request your favorite drinks and snacks.


  1.      Seaplane over Halong Bay

Traveling time with seaplane is instantly shorten to 30 minutes, plus the view from above is unbeatable. There are about 2,000 islands in this stretch of the Gulf. Despite having already come to places like China or Thailand, many tourists are still in awe when seeing Halong in person. The 30-minute flight will surely be one of the best memories you’ll have in life.

The seaplane is safe and much smaller than a regular airplane. It is friendly in the sky and water. You can comfortably take tons of photos, and you will because who can resist Halong’s beauty anyhow?