Bhaya Group conducts safety drill and fire fighting training

Last updated on
November 23, 2018

Safety has been always Bhaya Group’s first and foremost priority
Safety has been always Bhaya Group’s first and foremost priority. Safety drill and fire fighting training is an important periodic event within the company. The event is carried out three times a year which goes above and beyond what is required. On August 2, 2017, a fire fighting training course was organized for all Bhaya Group’s onshore staffs and onboard crew.

The training started at 13.30 pm and lasted for 4 hours, with two separate parts which covered standard evacuation procedures, emergency duties of each department and an opportunity to practice all these theories in a simulated but safe environment.
We were honored to have police officers from firefighting department no.05, Quang Ninh provincial police department as the special trainers. The training course involved all of our staffs who work in different positions and take direct responsibility for the safety of each cruise. The first part was held at Bhaya Group Cruise Centre training hall on Tuan Chau International Passenger Port. This aimed at reminding emergency procedures and updating any necessary adjustment to improve performance.

The second part was a practical fire drill with a scenario of a fire on The Au Co Luxury Cruise no.02. Conducting a fire drill on board made the crew acquainted with fire fighting appliances, and escape routes. Especially, it made each and every crew member familiar with the task he/she has to perform in case of actual emergency.

It has seen a big improvement in awareness and pro-action of all cruise members during this training course compared with the previous cruise safety training course. They are all aware of the essential role of safety and security on board as well as well-trained for taking action under any circumstances after several training courses by Bhaya Group.

Our fleet itself was built, equipped and operated in accordance with the strict requirements of the government. All lifeboats, life rafts and life preservers are checked daily prior to each cruise departure. Bhaya Group is the only company operating in Halong Bay that set up a Technical Quality Control Team who are responsible for ensuring all cruise will run safely and smoothly. Besides official safety drill, internal safety training sessions were carried out on a weekly basis.
Bhaya Group makes every effort to perfect the service standard, maintain an unrivaled Halong Bay cruising experience. At the same time, safety onboard was never underestimated. Besides annual drydock period for complete maintenance, a comprehensive safety standard Bhaya Group continues to live up to in every journey is the evidence for our absolute commitment to safety.