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Top 5 Packing Tips for a Halong Bay Cruise

Last updated on
February 24, 2019

Tip 1: Bring a variety of clothing

clothes for halong trip

The weather in Halong Bay can fluctuate greatly. Although some months are much warmer and some much cooler than others, it is always advisable to bring clothing appropriate for all weather types. One way to do this is to bring clothing that can be layered. From tank tops to t-shirts to long sleeves and jackets, packing a little of everything will give you the freedom to take layers off and put them on as you please. It is always good to bring a pair or two of long pants or jeans no matter the season since nights can get chilly.

However, bringing shorts is really only practical for warmer weather, as well as swimsuits. Although light rain ponchos are provided on the boat, it is always better to bring your own rain jacket in case you experience a wet day on. The same principles apply for shoes. Bringing a pair of sneakers or hiking boots is important for day excursions while having a pair of sandals for relaxing on the boat is always nice and comfortable. There is no dress code for dinner, but if you wish to dress up and still have room in your suitcase, don’t hesitate to bring a pair of nice shoes! Bathrobes and slippers are provided in your cabin.

Tip 2: Remember your electronic needs

If you plan to bring electronics with you, don’t forget their accompanying chargers: phone chargers, computer chargers, camera chargers etc. If you are a photographer or plan to take a lot of pictures, you may want to bring multiple batteries for your camera as well as multiple SD cards or a USB cord. Also, note that there are safety lock boxes in each cabin so you can store your electronics in a safe place while you cruise in Halong Bay worry free.

Tip 3: Do not forget the basics

Trying to remember everything to pack for your Halong Bay cruise can be difficult. However, do not forget your basic needs! This includes passports and visas, forms of identification, cash, credit or debit cards, and boarding pass. This also includes sunscreen and bug spray. Even with a hazy sky, the sun can still be very strong. The bug spray is good to have on outdoor day excursions.

Tip 4: Bring any toiletries or special medications you may need

Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and towels are provided in your cabin. If you have any other products you wish to bring, pack them accordingly. These may include deodorants, cosmetic products, shaving cream/razors, skin care products, and toothbrushes and toothpaste. Hair dryers can be requested at the reception desk or you can bring your own. More importantly, do not forget any special prescription medications you may need, as well as simple medications for nausea, pain, and cold/flu symptoms.

Tip 5: Bring Binoculars to Halong Bay Cruise

This may be a small tip, but it is a good one! While you relax on the sundeck or on your private balcony, or even while kayaking, binoculars are a great way to see the incredible limestone islets up close. You may even spot the endangered Cat Ba Langur, a native monkey to Cat Ba Island. Being able to see the diverse forestation on these islands and islets up close is truly incredible. Binoculars are a great way to see as much as you can.

These simple Halong Bay travel tips may help you be better prepared and enjoy your cruise to the fullest.