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Thinking of solo-travel in Halong Bay?

Last updated on
April 19, 2019

Traveling alone is a thrilling idea as it is a perfect condition to look deeper into yourself. When there is only you on the road, no compromise is to make. The World is ahead and waiting for you to discover.

When choosing to travel alone, it means the person wanting to step back from the chaotic crowd to be more introspective. It is indeed healthy to do this once in a while to clear your mind.

As human beings, we can hardly avoid some drastic changes in life. And normally these changes might direct our path in a totally different direction. Therefore, when it is time to sit down and reflect on the change, it is the best to do alone, understanding more of your true self.

It depends on personal preferences to plan for a solo journey. Yet, whether you are an adventurer or someone seeking more leisure type of travel, joining a Halong cruise still suits your best interest.

Keep in mind to search thoroughly so that the chosen operator is respectable and can deliver excellent service. Other things to consider are the pricing and itinerary. Now, let’s pack to Vietnam and join a Halong Bay cruise to immerse in one of New 7 Natural Wonders of the World!

Why you should pick a Halong Bay cruise to travel solo

Instead of roaming to a big city, a cruise to Halong Bay will be more laid back. Yet it is not very isolating as you still meet many sorts of tourists as well as see the life of the locals.

A bonus point is you can get nearer to nature, which the city life can hardly offer. Following are the main reasons why a Halong Bay cruise can benefit you the most if traveling solo.

  1. Drop your worry about the safety issue

Safety is the number one priority for anyone thinking of solo-travel, especially female travelers. Therefore, joining a cruise with back-to-back scheduled activities will ensure your priority.

Nothing will be unpredictable and if you find anything unusual, there is always the friendly and professional crew who can answer your questions.

There is almost no time for you to be worry of any potential danger as the cruise manager and the onboard crew always get your back. The only thing you need to worry about is if there’s enough time to take in all the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay.


  1. Single Supplements

Most solo travelers are careful to check about single supplement details. Be sure to ask the cruise operator to find out if there is any surcharge for your accommodation. Sometimes, there might be no extra fee in low season, so if knowing ahead, you might get a very good deal while traveling alone.

The tip is in low season there’re always specific tours for solo travelers available on online booking sites, where they can offer you an itinerary without any single supplement. Planning details for your solo getaway with budget and timing, it’s time to hunt a value-for-money package.

  1. Making new friends along the way

Also, there is almost no time for you to feel lonely or bored because many other solo travelers are probably on the ship. And if there is no one else being on the cruise alone, it will encourage you to be more active in making friends as people are usually easy to talk to.

Cruise operators are familiar with the solo travelers so you can be sure they will arrange the service smoothly to any type of guest.

  1. Halong Bay Cruise – A worthy experience

Halong Bay’s scenery is close to perfection. It is beautiful almost year round, except in August and September when tropical storms heavily influencing. The bay is vast and if touring via a cruise, you will be able to visit nearby islands and islets easily to discover more about local culture and observe their unique lifestyle.

On the ship, be ready for some sweet treatments from the operator, including spa. The cuisine is various and catches up with all kinds of diet. There is nothing else in comparison with waking up to a majestic view of Halong Bay through your room window.

Bring a book or two and emerge in a chill session on the sundeck or on your room balcony earlier in the morning, sip in some warm beverage. Don’t you feel calm and collected?


What to do in Halong Bay

An itinerary example from Bhaya Classic might give you a better idea of how a cruise in Halong will look like. It will always put safety and service above all else. On the first day, you will be able to have a taste of the cruise’s cuisine via a lunch session.

Toward the southwest of Halong Bay, the whole group will visit mysterious Tien Ong Cave, which is not only a beauty spot but also an archaeological site. This area of 1,000 m2 with stunning stalactites and stalagmites is one of the finest caves in Halong Bay.

Then returning to the sundeck, you will be able to enjoy Happy Hour and get to know more about other people who are in this adventure. Along with that, the exciting “Master-Chef Competition” is designed to demonstrate fruit carving and other authentic Vietnamese food, in which everyone can be a part of and even receive a gift at the end.

During the session, it is also time to admire the sunset over enchanting Halong Bay while the boat anchors for an overnight stay. Dinner is then followed and also the squid fishing experience.

If you have never tried Tai Chi, Bhaya might have the chance to enlighten you to this extremely zen practice. To rejuvenate the body and mind, doing slow movements of Tai Chi lesson is the way to start a positive day while enjoying the dawn of the bay.

As you are more familiar with the routine on the cruise, more activities will be inserted on the day. The ship will sail to Hang Trai Island, pass by Ang Du area, Hang Du, and Kong Skill Island filming area to reach Coc Cheo Islet. Here, guests can freely kayak and swim without facing the crowd as this is a more private area.

Before noon, it’s time to visit the one and only Tung Sau Pearl Farm and learn about pearl cultivating and handicraft process. This is also a great opportunity to dig more deeply into the local lifestyle.

A local lunch will be served to you right here. In the afternoon, guests return to the ship and munch on all the time they can have, a spa treatment is ready or you might want to be more social with other guests on the sundeck, taking a few refreshing drinks.

At night, an outside cinema might be set up to allow you to feel a very surreal experience of cruising.

On the last but not least destination – Cua Van Floating Fishing Village can close the chapter of your journey nicely. Voted as one of the 11 insanely beautiful small towns around the world by, Cua Van seems to step out of folklore.

Guests can freely choose either kayak or traditional rowing boat to go around discovering local life on the waters.


If you’ve ever wondered where to go while traveling solo, remember Halong Bay is always the answer.