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Halong Bay Travel tips for Tet Holiday

Last updated on
November 22, 2018

Tet is the celebration of the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. It is a very special time for families to get together and eat and celebrate, wishing one another the very best for the year to come. Tet also symbolizes the approaching end of winter and the beautiful blooming of spring. Many homes and streets are decorated with gorgeous flowers such as the peach flower, Ochna and Marumi Kumquat.

Halong Bay overnight cruise on the Bhaya Classic is a great way to wind down after the chaos of the winter holiday season. Seeing the big limestone islets float by while having a drink on the sundeck or kayaking through the emerald waters of the bay will restore and revive your mind and body. During this special time of year, one Halong Bay travel tip is to book with Bhaya! Tet is a widely celebrated holiday, so many places shut down and people go to their homes to be with their family. Some of the other cruise lines do not operate during this time. Bhaya wants to get involved in the celebration as much as possible!

Booking a 2D1N tour on the Bhaya Classic during Tet is a unique and authentic cultural experience. You will get to taste Chung cake during dinner, which is the traditional Vietnamese Tet holiday food. It is made from rice, mung beans, pork, and other ingredients, wrapped banana leaves and boiled. This may sound very different, but it is a delicacy in Vietnam, particularly during Tet holiday and is loved by many.

Another tradition for Tet is to give lucky money (Li Xi) to those you love. By giving someone a small amount of money in a red envelope, it is wishing them luck and prosperity for the coming year. Guests on the Bhaya Classic will receive lucky money from the cruise manager to further celebrate and engage in this significant holiday.

Decorations for Tet

This special cruise also includes a discount of 25% off on all drinks and beverages during the cruise, as well as complimentary tea and coffee offered throughout the cruise. Another special offer for the holiday is a 20% discount for the Bhaya Classic Spa when services are booked before departure.

The best Halong Bay travel tip is to book an overnight cruise with Bhaya Classic for the Tet holiday! Since many other cruise lines are not operating, there will be less ships and traffic in the water, leaving more open space and a secluded feeling, giving you the best value for money. With fewer ships around, you can fully appreciate the scenic atmosphere and immerse yourself in this rich culture completely. The chance to have a unique Tet celebration in Halong Bay should not be missed. Enjoying this special and widely celebrated holiday in Halong Bay, among beautiful scenery and Tet decorations is a chance to not be missed.