Bhaya Legend reveals a new cruising route

Last updated on
November 14, 2018

Bhaya Legend introduces a new cruising route which takes you to lesser-known corners of Halong Bay and further to Cat Ba Island.

Positioned as the private exclusive Halong Bay cruise, Bhaya Legend Cruise brings together boutique style and tailor-made expedition.
Our team always strive to create an in-deep experience for passengers by refreshing cruising itinerary and adding new destinations. This time, Bhaya Legend introduces a new cruising route which takes you to lesser-known corners of Halong Bay and further to Cat Ba Island. Get ready for the adventure into the wilderness of Cat Ba National Park. Immerse in the magnificent limestone towers of the World Heritage Site.

Highlight attractions included in our new route

Ho Ba Ham Area

Ho Ba Ham comprises three round pits enclosed by vertical limestone cliff. It is easy to see that the area is named after its unique landscape.
Ho Ba Ham retains a pristine and mystic beauty due to the little effect of handmade construction. Unlike other attractions which you can access any time of the day, to visit Ho Ba Ham, you need to wait for low tide. The way to the first lake is a tunnel 150 m long, 10 m wide and 2m high. The second lake on the right side of the first one is the largest lake with a total area of 1000m2. Through another tunnel of 60m long, you will are now at the last lake.
Three round pits are natural swimming pool sculptured by Mother Nature. Moreover, white sandy beaches nestled between limestone cliffs make Ho Ba Ham an ideal place for swimming or kayaking and sunbathing.

Cat Ba National Park

If Ho Ba Ham is for swimming, the next attraction in your itinerary is for more than perfect for nature discovery.
Located about 25 km away from Halong City, Cat Ba National Park is a part of Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO. The park is home to over 1,500 species of plants. There are 282 species of fauna including many endemic species have been recorded so far in which Cat Ba Langur is the most significant animal. They are Asia’s rarest primate with less than 70 individual in the whole world.
During the time spent in the park, you will be doing short trekking into the lush jungle of Cat Ba National Park and get to see the wildlife here.

Cua Van floating fishing village
Cua Van is the largest floating village remaining in Halong Bay today. The village is situated in the heart of Halong Bay’s majestic karst towers giving it a distinctive charm. Cua Van is repeatedly voted among the world’s most beautiful coastal town.
You can choose either to kayak or use the bamboo boat to go around the village. Surrounded by high mountains, the water is calm compared to other areas. That is why Bhaya Legend offers kayaking activities here.
If you are not really into paddling yourself, the bamboo boat is another choice. A local villager will row the boat which gets you free hands to take photos or simply enjoy the surroundings.

Tien Ong Cave
Open for tourists in 2010, Tien Ong Cave is the latest public attraction in Halong Bay. Located on “Cai Tai” Island, The cave is near the center of the limestone island with a large entrance to the northwest. The entrance is about 40 – 50 m wide, 13 – 14 m high. The foundation of the cave is 4 – 5 m above the sea level making a slope from outside inward. Therefore, Tien Ong Cave is not too steep or craggy.

The cave is not only appealing to sightseeing tourists but history and culture enthusiasts as well. A Swedish archaeologist, Mr. J.Anderson found Tien Ong cave in 1938. 69 years later in 2007, the survey team of Halong Bay management department cooperated with Vietnam Historical Museum has carried out excavations and discovered fossils of bones of terrestrial animals, pieces of pottery and shells, and ancient tools such as the stone ax, and a stone knife. The results proved that the cave was home to ancient Viet people 10,000 – 8,000 years (BC) ago.

Whether you are seeking for a sea escape or into a cultural journey, Bhaya Legend new itinerary is designed to satisfy its adventurers.