Bhaya Group Announces New Initiatives On Sustainable Tourism Activities In 2016

Last updated on
November 14, 2018

In February 2016 Bhaya Group formed a new CSR project team in order to invest further efforts to promote and develop sustainable tourism. The new team, under the leadership of Darius Postma, has a very clear mandate to expand CSR activities and to raise the awareness and involvement of other cruise companies and organizations in Vietnam to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2016, Bhaya Group’s ambition is to focus on the improvement of environmental pollution in Halong Bay through a wide range of programs and activities. The plan includes 2 phases; Direct practices to minimize the effect of pollution to the environment and Long-term methods to expand and maintain the influences through the involvement of local stakeholders like IUCN, The Halong Cat Ba Alliance and the MDC (Centre for Marine Life Conservation and Community Development).

Since February, various actions and programs have been put into action to partly solve pollution issues, including; a trash collection campaign with a monthly competition between Bhaya Group’s cruise boats, the setting up of a specialized tender fleet to clear garbage. Towards the end of the year, the company expects to expand its trash collection campaign onto Viet Hai Village in Cat Ba Island as well as propose a solution to replace environment-friendly buoys for local fishermen in fishing activities.

Long-term action plans are also in progress to promote environment protection to internal and external stakeholders. An educational program for Bhaya Group’s onboard staff has been designed to boost their knowledge of environmental protection. Various activities are also planned to raise the awareness of the public about these issues, including the annual “Clean the Bay Cruises” and upcoming joint ventures with environmental organizations and groups in Vietnam.

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