[Bhaya 10-Year Anniversary] Letter from the Founder

Last updated on
November 23, 2018

Dear beloved Bhaya family,

10 Years. 19 Cruises. 400 Employees. Almost 1,000,000 Passengers. These numbers affirm all relentless efforts of the whole Bhaya family for the only one strong commitment to delivering the best services to our valued customers are the wonder that we have proudly achieved.


A journey of resilience

10 years are a not-too-long journey for the development of a business but it’s significant enough to record impressive imprints since the first founded day of Bhaya Group. We all understand that a new ship launched or a new-born product also carries the spirit of Bhaya – a spirit of vitality, creativity, professionalism and always market-leading.

Know where we are

Nowadays, the Bhaya family contains 19 cruises with nearly 400 employees. We honorably welcome and services for nearly 100,000 passengers from countries all over the world each year. Bhaya prides ourselves on our leading position in product diversification, developing company with responsible tourism, sustaining a high-performance workforce and taking care of employees’ lives.

Proud of dedication and commitment

 I understand that having a solid and united team is the most precious cornerstone to the company’s bottom line in the long run. And what you have dedicated to Bhaya Group is my greatest pride.

My only wish is that each cruise always departs with luck and safety and brings back laughter and happiness from all of our guests and employees. Every staff who works in any position will find Bhaya as their second home – a place where all people can develop their career, live and work together. We share our most meaningful and beautiful days and proudly tell the world that we’re members of the Bhaya family.

Wish our family full of health, luck, and solidarity.


Mr. Tran Thanh Nam