Best Halong Bay cruise recommendation (with Price)

Last updated on
February 23, 2019

Halong bay by far the most famous and an iconic destination of Vietnam which draw millions of tourist around the world every year. Staying on an overnight cruise is the best way to explore World Heritage Site Halong Bay to the fullest.

There is not much to see on the mainland, so it is such a regret if you spend most of the time staying there and traveling between hotels and the bay. Instead, a cruise offers a more enriching and continuous experience.

You wake up and the first thing you see is the enchanting seascape or dine under the starry night when Halong Bay is at its finest. Sailing to the remote area of the bay and enjoy private time away from crowded tourist sites.

A Halong overnight cruise is not only accommodation but a package tour as well. A cruise package will include accommodation on board, all meals, sightseeing tours, all entrance fees and transfer Hanoi – Halong (transfer is included or not, depending on particular package).

Here is our list of best Halong bay cruise recommendation from luxury to cheapest one.

Luxury Halong Bay Cruise 

The Au Co Luxury Cruise 

Steel vessel
32 cabins
Cruise length: 3 days 2 night
Price: US$400 – US$800 /person/ 3D2N

Highlight: Elegance design and large cabin. The Au Co Luxury Cruise is among few cruise lines that provide continuous 3-day 2-night journey.

Normally, when you book a 3-day cruise, on the second day you will be transferred to another day boat (without sleeping cabin); While the ship comes back the port to pick up new guests. Cruising with The Au Co you will stay on the big ship for all three days.

Paradise Peak

Wooden Vessel
8 cabins
2 days 1 night

Highlight: Spacious cabin and butler service. The package includes some drinks such as local beers, soft drinks, house wines & selected spirits. You can drink as much as you can!!!
However, the price list for other drinks is quite expensive.

Violet cruise 

Wooden boat
6 cabins
US$1200/cabin/2 people/3D2N

Highlight: the ship is well-designed with the main theme of Indochina in the past. Each cabin offers a different look and feel, but all are classic and comfortable. Butler service to cater to your needs. The price is among the top list in the bay at around over USD1000 for a 3-day journey.

Mid-range Halong Bay Cruise

Dragon Legend Cruise 
Wooden boat
24 cabins
From US$260/cabin/2D1N; US$400/cabin/3D2N
Highlight: Vietnamese spirit in design. Itinerary focus on Bai Tu Long Bay (an adjacent bay of Halong Bay)
Bhaya Cruises 
Wooden boat
15 to 20 cabins
From US$299/cabin/2D1N; US$540/cabin/3D2N
Paloma Cruise 
Wooden boat
16 cabins
From US$270/cabin/2D1N; US$500/cabin/3D2N
Pelican Cruise 
Steel Ship
22 cabins
From US$260/cabin/2D1N; From US$520/cabin/3D2N

Halong Bay Cruise for backpackers 

If you are a party person and have a tight budget, cruises on this list are for you.
Wooden boat
7- 8 cabins
Day trip/2D1N/3D2N
From US$100/cabin/2D1N
Lemon cruise
Wooden boat
9 cabins
Day trip/2D1N/3D2N
From US$55/day trip; US$130/cabin/2D1N
There will be much cheaper cruises for backpackers, under US$100. You should look for them via a travel agency; there’s not much of them online. However, You should expect some discomfort.
The vessels are old and noisy and maybe the smell of smoke because of the engine. Safety sometimes is neglected. Meals will be as simple as possible.
If you are a picky eater and not used to Vietnamese food, you might find it hard to eat. The service is not of any hospitality standard but whatever you can expect further in a super cheap cruise!

Halong bay cruise for family, small group & couple

In recent years, many families have turned to cruise chip for their vacation. Here are some criteria you should consider in choosing the right cruise.
Safety: make sure the ship is sufficiently equipped with safety amenities such as fire extinguisher, life jacket…etc.
Kid-friendly facilities: Bring your kids on a journey across the sea, you will want all you may need for the kids are available. Baby sister service can be very helpful when parents wish for some private time.
The family is the chance to strengthen the family bond. A family vacation also involves a multigenerational group. Therefore, a private and exclusive cruise is highly recommended.
The following cruises are charter cruises which provide a customized tour. However, if your group is large enough you can require a charter service which usually offers a better rate.
Bhaya Legend Private Cruise 
Wooden boat
1-3 cabins
Accommodate from 2 to 6 guests. A cruise line of Bhaya Group. Recently the boat has been renovated.
L’Amour Junk
1 cabin
Accommodate from only 2 guests. A cruise in the Indochina Junk fleet which includes Dragon Legend.
There’s a saying “You get what you pay for”. So make the wise choice to balance between money spent and your comfort as well as safety!