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5 reasons why you should have a wedding cruise

Last updated on
November 22, 2018

Halong Bay with one-of-a-kind beauty recognized as World Heritage is an ideal place for a wedding cruise. That was the idea of many couples who had their lifetime wedding onboard Bhaya Cruise. They have agreed that was a smart decision and shared their own reasons for it. The following is five reasons why you should have a wedding cruise.

1. The perfect combination of a wedding day and honeymoon trip

The cruise itself is a beautiful trip. You can spend time for the wedding while still can admire the stunning view of Halong. After the wedding, the bride and her groom can easily extend the cruise to spend more private time together. It will not cost you time to transfer to start the dream honeymoon. When you have the wedding arranged, the honeymoon period already started.

2. A boutique wedding with your beloved people

An intimate wedding with a smaller size of guests can make your special day more memorable. Fewer guests mean more personal celebration. River Cruise like cruises in Halong is just a perfect fit for your wedding. Each vessel can accommodation from just around 30 people up to more than 100 people. With all guests being onboard, it is easier to treat everyone well, greater attention to details.

3. Exclusive wedding aisle and decoration

When you book the wedding cruise, you can require a themed decoration tailored made for your wedding only. Your wedding aisle will not be in the same boring venue but you will walk your bride on a grand topdeck, between majestic limestone towers and emerald water of Halong. The precious moment complemented by serenity and tranquillity of World Heritage Site makes your big day a lifetime experience.

4. Greater Focus while Having someone else to take care of details

Book a wedding cruise means you can have the whole things arranged from decoration, a banquet to take care of guests. During the cruise, crew onboard will take responsibility for guest’s accommodation, party. You can be confident to let them do the jobs they are experienced. Therefore, you will concentrate more on one that matters the most – your bride/groom.

5. Enchanted background for wonderful photo

Halong Bay immense charm which will be in the background for all of your wedding photos is undeniable. Natural light and surreal scenery create good photos. You will get the chance to capture wonderful pictures with changing the background from morning to sunset. There is no doubt, your wedding album is admirable and can make someone jealous.

If you are planning a dream wedding, then let’s think about it on a cruise.

Bhaya Cruise with 10 years of taking guests to discover Halong Bay do offer wedding service with a highly customized program.

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