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Wine Cruise in Halong Bay

Last updated on
September 27, 2019

Autumn weather makes wine tasting especially mesmerizing in Halong Bay, where the medley of French wines melt with outstanding service by The Au Co cruise. Discover great wines and embark on an exhilarating journey into the nature and culture of Vietnam. Ignite all your senses in Halong Bay from the moment your trip begins with amazing views and wines.

The Romantic Autumn in Halong Bay 

The stifling heat and humidity dominating the entire Summer are finally over. At the beginning of October, visitors will have a chance to experience the most stunning view of the bay when thousands of limestone islands are wrapped in a veil of mystical mist in the early morning.

Autumn is no longer a peak season in Vietnam so tourists can rest assured that the crowds will disappear, creating a more serene atmosphere. The best way to enjoy Halong Bay is to start your cruise vacation with Bhaya.

In this Autumn, Bhaya dedicates to wine lovers with a touch of finest wines and gives a great oppotunity for guests to share their passion on the luxury Au Co cruise. The event called “Wine by the Sea Vol.2 ” is when you making new friends that can lead to enlightening discussions about wines and enhance your travel experience.

If you are looking for a vacation, cruising with The Au Co is the perfect way to arrive off the beaten path locations with many private beaches and breathtaking scenery.

The best destination for wine tasting  

The Au Co is Bhaya’s most luxurious vessel. Passengers who book the cruise from 5th to 7th of October will have the chance to attend a stellar wine tasting event featuring French superior wines of Champagne Deutz and Delas Freres. Champagne Deutz defines elegance with its fruity aroma and freshness, while Delas Feras wines give more bold flavors and long finish. The wine aroma along with exquisite taste pair so well with the elegant atmosphere of Halong Bay to maximize the wine experience.

Champagne Deutz
Delas Freres

While sampling a variety of wines, participants can mingle and learn about the reputable history of the two famous brands introduced by the cruise’s wine connoisseur on the sundeck and watch the sunset down in the shimmering water. This might become the best memory of your voyage.


The best way to unwind after spending a day full of activities is to treat yourself a glass of exquisite wine. Unspoiled views of gigantic stalactites from Halong Bay with tasty wine and savory Vietnamese cuisine make a marvelous dinner. Immerse yourself in the splendid surroundings and come back home to friends and loved ones with a whole new appreciation and love for wine.


Children and guests who don’t drink alcohol can participate in plenty of other activities on board such as relaxing on the sundeck or unwind in the jacuzzi.


The Au Co has everything equipped for the entire family to get on board. Whenever you decide to embark with Bhaya, you will experience sophistication and comfort on one of the most luxurious cruises. As wine being the center, Wine by the Sea Vol.2 by The Au Co cruise is truly a unique wine tasting adventure to please all the senses.