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Having a boutique wedding in the love symbol of Halong Bay

Last updated on
September 30, 2019

Have you ever thought of saying “I do” amidst a World Heritage site? The epic beauty of Halong Bay and ethereal love story about Trinh Nu Area are the paradise for any future bride and groom. This is the place to have your dream wedding become a reality.

The Folklore about Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave in Halong Bay

As a World Natural Heritage site, Halong Bay is a real gem for travelers with unspoiled beaches, lagoons, and wonderful karst caves. Located in Bo Hon Archipelago, of all the caves in Halong Bay, Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave perhaps has the most touching love story. Legend says that once there was a young lady in love with a poor fisherman. Committing to her love, she refused to marry a rich landlord and was banished to a cave. Exhausted from the cold and hunger, she gave up her last breath inside the cave and turned into stone. The stone is a proof of trust and faithfulness for love until the end. Besides the folklore legend, Trinh Nu Area is a unique private place to explore with a stunning cave and an adjacent mesmerizing beach.


Serene and highly preserved, Trinh Nu Area is a perfect paradise of innumerable natural sceneries, which have made this cove become the perfect location for a remarkable wedding ceremony.


The ideal way to access Trinh Nu Area is by cruise travel. Cruising is the only way for you to relax and enjoy the view with a wide range of activities, hence you won’t have to worry about transportation throughout the whole trip. 

Your Dream Wedding on Trinh Nu (Virgin) Area, Halong Bay

Blessed with a peaceful atmosphere and secluded beach, Trinh Nu Area is a romantic paradise for couples to exchange wedding vows. If you’ve always envisioned a dream wedding on the beach, Bhaya Cruises’ professional MICE team will make your wish come true. Bhaya’s MICE Team provides an all-inclusive approach to wedding planning from the floral arrangement, beach decorations, and personalized menu to make your special day as memorable as possible. Your theme wedding can be customized as to how you desire. 


Your wedding will create a great impression with not only amazing surroundings but also delicious gastronomy experience. Bhaya staffs only serve fresh ingredients so you and your guests can relish a delicious dining event under the moonlight and flickering candles. With lots of commitment and dedication, Bhaya’s MICE Team promises to deliver excellent service to suit your wants and needs. 


This beautiful little beach is ideal for couples who prefer to celebrate their wedding in complete privacy. The wedding location in this secluded lagoon is suitable for up to 50 guests, allowing the bride and the groom to spend enough time with everyone in a cozy atmosphere.  


Choosing to get married in a place known as a symbol of eternal love, your marriage will be blessed forever. No better place to exchange your vows under the bright sunlight, with gentle sea breeze and white sand between your toes. Trinh Nu Beach offers peacefulness plus the picturesque view with a magical outdoor setting, your wedding celebration is surely monumental.

Wedding on board The Au Co or Bhaya Classic

If you are thinking about having a cruise wedding, there’s nowhere quite as magical to tie the knot as Halong Bay. Sailing through majestic limestone formations with emerald water layers to open a route for the cruise while the bride and groom exchanging rings. This marvelous scene is straight out of a fairytale. 


One of the greatest things when combining a wedding with a vacation is that you can start your honeymoon without any delay. The wedding can take place onboard Bhaya Classic or The Au Co, all of which provide the best service, accommodation, and facilities. Bhaya MICE is dedicated to ensuring you a stress-free wedding so you can spend more time doing the things you love and enjoy the best day of your life.


With plenty of entertainment and activities to choose from, your precious guests will never be bored. They can spend time watching movies under the moonlight, learn fruit carving, taking Tai Chi lesson or get tanned in the sundeck. The enchanted locations with excellent top-notch service and serene atmosphere will make your guests feel appreciated to be a part of your special day. Under twinkling fairy lights, guests are invited to witness the blooming love between the two people and enjoy a delicious sumptuous feast. 


Your wedding is one of the most treasured moments that you will remember for your entire life. Halong Bay is an exceptional scenic site to begin a new chapter with your spouse and create many special memories together.