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Bhaya Cruises awarded the Blue Sail Eco-Label by Quang Ninh Province and JICA for the 2nd time

Last updated on
January 10, 2019

Bhaya Cruises continues to affirm its position as the leading sustainable cruise operator in Halong Bay with 10 vessels certified with the Blue Sail eco-label from Quang Ninh Province (where Halong Bay is located) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) at the 2nd awards ceremony at Bhaya Cruise Center in Tuan Chau International Cruise Port this December 27th, 2018.


Awarding Ceremony for Blue Sail eco-label at Bhaya Cruise Center

Bhaya Cruises’ commitment to Halong Bay has never been stronger

Earlier this year, on September 13th, The Au Co of Bhaya Cruises was the first 5-star cruise ship to be honored with the Blue Sail eco-label as it met the evaluation criteria of both Quang Ninh province and JICA on environmental protection and saving natural resources. Effective green activities applied on The Au Co are considered as models for tourist cruises throughout Halong such as controlling and saving waste water on ships, using paper straws instead of plastic straws, placing a net underwater to collect garbage on the bay while cruising, and increasing its use of recycled paper.


The first Blue Sai eco-label of Halong Bay on The Au Co

Of the 34 cruise ships that were granted Blue Sail eco-labels during Thursday’s ceremony, 10 of those ships are owned by Bhaya Cruises, for a total of 11 ships carrying this stamp of approval. This only reaffirms Bhaya Cruises as the top cruise operator in regards to sustainable tourism development in the Gulf of Tonkin.


Mr. Phan Van Tung (Vice Director of Bhaya Cruises) received the award from Quang Ninh Provine and JICA

Bhaya Cruises’ innovative developments are the key to sustainable tourism in Halong Bay

For Bhaya Cruises, the development of sustainable tourism is not only about following worldwide trends but also about the long-term development mission of the company. Recently, during the 2018 festive season, passengers aboard Bhaya Cruises applauded the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project to create Christmas trees entirely from recycled materials in beautiful and innovative ways. With great creativity and ingenuity, Bhaya’s staff inspired others by spreading the spirit of developing sustainable tourism and protecting the environment to everyone.


Mr. Phan Van Tung (Vice Director of Bhaya Cruises) gave a thank you speech at the awarding ceremony

In addition, Bhaya Cruises is involved in the creation of many other community and environmental protection projects, such as the Save the Cat Ba Langur, Clean the Bay 2012, Action for Halong Bay 2013, Earth Hour, and especially the Halong – Cat Ba Alliance program organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Vietnam and the United States Agency for International Development to protect the natural environment. The positive impacts can be felt throughout the Gulf of Tonkin and Cat Ba Island.

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