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Bhaya Group is the largest and most reputed cruise operator in Halong Bay – A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Established in 2007, Bhaya Group is the first company to introduce overnight cruise service with innovative ships and unsurpassed customer service to and from the destination. As the recognized leader and expert in cruise ship service in Halong Bay, Bhaya Group offers 178 cabins in 19 ships and serves approximately 70,000 passengers each year into the UNESCO World Heritage site and Asia’s top five paradise Islands. The fleets provide the highest safety standards, art facilities, services and amenities to secure an unforgettable cruising experience.
Bhaya Group organizes overnight and day cruise tours in Halong Bay and the Gulf of Tonkin with high standard service quality in 3 product lines: Bhaya Classic, The Au Co and Legend Halong.

Bhaya Classic – The Classic Cruise

Since setting sail with its first boat in 2007, Bhaya Classic has earned its place among the most well-reputed cruise operators in Halong Bay and now operates the largest fleet of cruise boats in the area. The design of Bhaya Classic harmonizes with the beauty of Halong Bay. It was inspired by Vietnamese traditional culture, having a wooden, oriental design while incorporating modern facilities and high safety features. The Bhaya Classic ships operate on a 2-day 1-night itinerary, providing an authentic Halong Bay experience. The booking process is fast and convenient. Always having the best deal for high-quality service, you get great value for your money with the Bhaya Classic.

The Au Co – The Luxury Cruise

The Au Co is a luxury cruise that provides a unique 3 day 2 night trip in Halong Bay and the Gulf of Tonkin. There are two ships in this line, with large cabins and private balconies. The ships are 55.29m in length and 10.43m in width. The Au Co has high standard facilities and amenities, fine dining and cuisine, and high safety features. Unlike other wooden junk boats, the external steel structure of The Au Co allows the ship to travel far into the Gulf of Tonkin while having a luxurious oriental design within. The Au Co not only provides an unforgettable cruise but also brings the unique “Au Co experience” to its passengers.

The Legend Halong – The Exclusive Cruise

The Legend Halong line consists of seven ships. What sets it apart from all other cruise operators in the bay is the personalized experience it provides to its guests. Guests can choose from one-cabin, two-cabin, three-cabin or a four-cabin boat. These boats are designed with a marriage of traditional Asian art and modern Occidental style. Each cruise on the Legend Halong can be fully customized including the cruise length, itinerary, destination, and dining experience. A private butler will be there to attend to all of your needs. The Legend Halong is very private, going off the usual path to journey around Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay. This customized charter service is unique among cruises and is a particularly good choice for families with young children, couples, or groups of friends who can choose from an array of activities on/off board.
An important part of Bhaya Group is the Responsible Cruising and Sustainable Tourism philosophy. Bhaya Group makes full efforts to keep Halong Bay clean and preserved and educates their guests about how they can do this as well. Supporting the local community and resident life around Halong Bay is also a vital aspect. Bhaya group works with local residents by supporting them in their own operations, offering them employment and training when possible, and takes part in charity efforts to improve their quality of life.